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Activate MerKaBa Online ǀ Modern-day Mysticism

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In order to activate MerKaBa online, a person must be open to a thrilling spiritual discovery. World-renowned mystic teacher and trainer Maureen St. Germain possesses the credentials to make this possible. With her one-on-one teleclasses and virtual consultations, as well as audio-visual support, individuals can harness the power of this living field that surrounds the body. With centrifugal force, it can pull out all energy that does not match a person’s perfect self and thereby cleanse the body while it prepares the deeper consciousness for the fifth dimension. Here, individuals can learn the fundamentals of 17-breath meditation, once practiced by ancient monks in Tibet. Practitioners leave their three-dimensional bodies and experience their light bodies that enable them to reach a purer, wiser and clearer state of mind, body and soul.

Part of the spiritual toolbox that Maureen St. Germain provides to her clients includes the ability to activate MerKaBa.

Because of her 25 years’ experience in the field and decades of resources and research, she and her staff are able to provide this service online and offer a robust spiritual reawakening. This transformative process also allows clients to fully understand what is necessary as St. Germain’s expert guides help individuals read their Akashic Records. This infinite repository of thoughts, dreams and visions is unique for each individual and is an individual’s spiritual warehouse—encompassing past, present and future. Additionally, participants can enjoy an intensive retreat conducted by The Ascension Institute which focuses on better mental, etheric, physical and emotional focus. Other materials also include several of St. Germain’s bestsellers, including Waking Up in 5D¸ as well as audiotapes, DVDs and essential oils.

For people seeking to activate MerKaBa online, Maureen St. Germain is the most reputable source. Her spiritual research has earned her international respect as a leader in the new-age industry. Countless satisfied clients return for her ethical and responsible guidance. Moreover, she practices what she teaches and has been invited to share her knowledge in 24 countries as a keynote speaker at conferences. You can make a spiritual discovery and gain a higher self-connection now.

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