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Akashic Healing Session ǀ Modern-day Mysticism

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For people in need of an Akashic healing session, modern-day mystic Maureen St. Germain and staff are the answer. Their combination of credentials and compassion in the field of spiritual transformation have earned their enterprise accolades as a world leader in the field. The records of a soul’s journey through life—past, present and future—can only be accessed with the guidance of trained spiritual readers. Seekers of deeper truths who desire to be better and live for the greater good can often find the wisdom they are seeking inside their own spiritual warehouse, located in the fifth dimension. In tune with the teachings of theosophists and ancient Tibetan monks, this epiphany can untap a more profound happiness and contentment.

Opening a person’s Akashic Records requires the partnership of both client and reader. Maureen St. Germain’s team consists of an ethical, highly skilled group that treat each healing session as a privileged meeting.

They use a 17-breath meditation technique to help clients access the MerKaBa, which is believed to be an invisible electromagnetic field that lies outside of the body and serves as the portal to the fifth dimension. Here, outside of one’s three-dimensional self, a person can get in touch with the inner being and gain clarity and wisdom beyond the scope of everyday life. Additional skills provided are negative energy clearing, focus-based retreats (part of The Ascension Institute), teleclasses and online workshops, essential oils, one-on-one mystic consultations and a library of St. Germain’s best-sellers (available in six languages), including Waking Up in 5D and Be a Genie: Create Love, Success and Happiness.

A high-quality, professional Akashic healing session can be yours with the internationally acclaimed author, keynote speaker, trainer and teacher Maureen St. Germain. A pioneer in the new-age community, she is respected by her peers and applauded by her faithful clients. For the past 25 years, St. Germain has used the techniques she shares with the world, and her spiritual service-based business has helped countless people grow in spirit. Join the transformational experience and learn more about how to reawaken your inner self.

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