Maureen St. Germain

Sedona, AZ

$679 for a 50-Minute Session
$829 for an 80-Minute Session

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Maureen St. Germain is a natural intuitive and has been working with the Akashic Records for a long time. Originally certified by Akashic Records Consultants International (ARCI), to open and reveal another’s records when requested, she is now affiliated with Akashic Records International (ARI). In 2009 she founded Akashic Records Guides. Maureen can assist you to access the wisdom of your own Record Keepers who can guide you and provide you with insights, direction and more.

A reading from Maureen will be powerful, enlightening, cleansing and inspiring.

Sessions are by appointment only. Most Akashic Record readings are done by phone or Skype, since Maureen has an international clientele. All readings are either 50 or 80 minutes in length and can be recorded. For an in-person reading you can arrange to travel to Maureen’s location in New York City or to any city where Maureen is teaching at the time.

Maureen can record the reading and create an MP3 file for you at your request. This MP3 recording will play on your computer, and also on your portable music devices.

Akashic Readings at Workshops
Maureen will reserve appointments during workshop dates for the workshop participants or individuals in that city. You may also check our schedule for any other dates and times that Maureen may be available for readings: Calendar of Events

What People Are Saying

My Akashic readings with Maureen always leaves me with clarity and renewed energy to continue on my path. I am truly grateful for the guidance and would recommend this service to anyone in doubt, whether it concerns your life purpose, work, relationship or any other personal matter. I never make an important decision without asking the record keepers first. This gives me certainty that I am in constant flow and I feel ready for what is coming instead of having to fight it. As a doctor it is very important for me to feel balanced myself, in order to provide the best service to my patients. Having regular Akashic readings will do just that!
– Kamilla, D.C. Hong Kong

“Thank you so much for this wonderful work. The session has been illuminating in every sense of the word.”
– MH, Caribbean

“I wanted to thank you for our session on January 15th.  It was very insightful and gave me a clear picture of what I need to do in my life. I wanted let you know how much I enjoyed it and how pertinent the information was. It really helped me in planning the next phase or chapter of my life.”

“Maureen shed some serious light on who I am being, what I am up to, where I am going, my life purpose, my unique gifts and talents, family, friends, spirituality and health. “