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Sanat Kumara,
Ascension Institute, San Diego, CA,
May 6, 2018,

Take your seats among the great ones.
See yourself sitting with us as co-creators of your reality.  Your commitment to your processes has awarded you the privilege to a seat of honor. Imagine you are going into a great hall that is filled with people. You are escorted to the front where you are sitting with us, the Ascended Masters. This is Sanat Kumara alerting you that as a spiritual master you are co-creating every moment. Knowing this we know you will be very careful with your thoughts. It is irrefutable that whatever you manifest, whatever you imagine, be prepared to always add your emotion of joy, satisfaction and gratitude.

We ask you to take your manifestations even bigger. We ask you to make them bigger for humanity, so they can find what you find, either through their efforts or the efforts of others who are similar in understanding. Keep your faith. Know with absolute certainty that you are a master, and that you are co-creating the reality.

Be not afraid when difficult things come up, and instead say to yourself, “I am the master, what would I do? At first you might giggle, saying, “that’s funny.”  And then go with it. Say to yourself, “Let’s do this.” So we say to you – let’s do this. We are ready and so are you.

Ascension Institute, San Diego, CA
May 7, 2018

We call you forth this day to be part of the transformation of the reality on this planet. There are those who are making loud noises bringing out every mis-use of human light for examination.

While those who are part of this transformation have already moved on to a place of “no karma” and could care less about the misdeeds that come from misuse. We ask you to say daily prayers for divine government, and to say daily prayers for the government leaders to bring forward great accord.  The false media has achieved little in convincing the true light bearers of the misuses as being a cause for not being permitted to bring the light forward. We say to you all is forgiven. We say to you there is no judgment.

Just like there are misuses at every level. Those misuses are often small compared to the great goodness that also comes forward behind this.  Remember that humans do not grow up always getting better. There are slips and slides, there are mistakes, there are unintentional slipups that then can be thrown like an egg in your face.

We ask you to continue to stand tall. And to simply say, “That was then and this is now.” We applaud your efforts for everything you are doing. Whether you realize it or not, if you who are listening to this or reading this, we ask you to recognize that you are part of the very front lines who are being called upon to offer prayers of love and guidance around everyone you see misusing their opportunity or misusing the light.

Remember there are many who are to be pitied more than scorned. Your hearts are open. You are the solution. Because of this you are being called to help others. Many of you have said, “How can I help? I don’t know what I can do? I’m not able to do this or that! I need to go to my job. I need to look after my children. I have all these responsibilities. How can I help?” And we say to you, your thoughts are enough.

Go to a beautiful place in a meadow where you can see the mountains, and where you can turn around and see the ocean. Allow yourself to prepare a beautiful fog blanket of energy that is readily available to anyone who has the slightest inclination to become one with the earth, to admire the beauty, to wish for a better way, to wish for less hassle or drama. These thoughts will trigger an opening in their hearts that will allow the great love that you are bringing forward to penetrate and enter them. Keep in mind that many are called and it is incumbent upon you to pray for those souls. Pray forth.

A decision was made to include everyone who is able. So instead of the tipping point of the transformation of humanity being around 51% of humanity, it can be much less. All who are willing, and who are taking this leap, will move forward. There are many who will opt in. The opting in can be something as simple as, “I don’t know what the solution is.”

Remember it is your responsibility to stand up for the downtrodden. To stand up for those who have been criticized even if the criticism is valid. Simply say,” Well, I made a few mistakes in my life, and I sure would not want my mistakes aired out for everyone to see. I am going to pray for a quick softening of that criticism.”

There are many who are taking hits for top leaders. As soon as information is forthcoming, it will vindicate those who are currently in the limelight having their every move examined.

We wish to remind you that human DNA was adjusted or played with. One of the adjustments was to amp up the sex drive, and it is especially prevalent in today’s society. The more you become connected to the light, the less that vibration impacts or affects you. You have good effects, and you have wholesome relationships. The carnal drive is agitated or aggravated seeking that resolution.

Everyone of you are great beings. You are all being compensated by receiving gifts that you have asked for. Claim them as your own.  Each of you carries that God spark. This very special direct link to Source allows you to be a co-creator.

The only thing stopping you is your belief system, your resistance, and your doubt. Begin by deciding first to change your belief system. Only then you can remove the resistance.  Announce to yourself, “I am a co-creator.” You might be asking yourself, “Who am I to change the situation, to take this action?” And we say to you, Who indeed!

You are too tentative with your divine guidance before you take any proactive or creative action because you still carry your human biases for preferences or prejudices, and you exercise your human personality. This can influence what you think needs to happen. In order to ensure that you are using your God spark in the purest possible way, do not concern yourself with, “Who am I?” Instead, you are in alignment with the divine connection when you ask, “Is this in the highest and best good for me to work with this situation this day, and to help hold the energy of unconditional love in this situation?”

Anything created by your human personality comes out of your misunderstanding of what is really happening and will simply evaporate and fall away when you do your co-creation.

Finally, address the resistance you may have regarding your beliefs. It may not be coming from within you, but externally at you. Your self- doubt magnetizes resistance that then anchors within you; like when you decide to buy a particular brand of car and you see it everywhere on the street. You are attracting awareness. The resistance of “Who am I?” as well as the self-doubt, is what is being radiated at you.

So, as long as you do your work with your divine self and you work with your higher self in terms of clearing your personality and dramas in your co-creations, those things cannot impact you if you remain in alignment.  Be aware that it is very easy to slip out of alignment when someone pushes your buttons or something happens that you disapprove of.  So, begin to notice when someone pushes your buttons or aggravates you, and set a replacement response in your mind that you practice before those typical events occur.

Would you like to create a proactive pattern? We will give you an example. We told this channel that she is very loving and kind until she gets behind the wheel of a car and someone drives inappropriately in front of her. She would be frustrated because she would have to take corrective action. She knew she was in judgment in those moments. We told her to bless this person and announce to herself that he must be in a bigger hurry than she was! Sometimes the person who has been discourteous, and changes direction quickly, may have just realized they needed to take the exit.

Allow what doesn’t serve you to pass through like water passes through a strainer. But the strainer is created from your sincere desire to be of service where you can transform anything because you make it so.

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