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Classic 17 Breath Meditation ǀ Modern-day Mysticism

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By practicing classic 17 breath meditation, individuals can achieve the ultimate state of clarity and inner wisdom. World-renowned teacher, Maureen St. Germain can help individuals use this technique to find answers to some of life’s most profound questions. With rhythmic breathing patterns, practitioners access the source of all divine energy: the MerKaBa—a living light-energy barrier that rotates around the body. It is the gateway to experiencing one’s five-dimensional light body. During the meditative period, each inhale and exhale brings the person closer to a spiritual state of focus and visualization. Activating this space-time continuum opens a people’s hearts, minds and souls to help them perfect themselves. A centrifugal force, this crystalline shield spins out negative energy and induces wisdom from a higher source.

As people seek to perfect their inner-beings they need to get in touch with their spiritual selves.

To help them find inner peach, happiness and harmony in their lives, a host of spiritually transformative practices are available that work closely with classic 17 breath meditation.

Modern-day mystic and international expert Maureen St. Germain and her staff can help people tap into their past, present and future through readings of Akashic Records—a storehouse of a person’s past, present and future thoughts. With guidance from experienced readers, people can learn more about how their decisions may impact probable futures. They can feel, learn and apply wisdom from a higher source. And they can experience better spiritual balance. Retreats, such as The Ascension Institute, help participants gain better etheric, mental, physical and emotional focus. Moreover, St. Germain’s best-selling books, such as Beyond the Flower of Life, speak to these ideas of personal transformation.

For the best classic 17 breath meditation training, you can count on Maureen St. Germain. A highly respected new-age community leader, St. Germain has been teaching these strategies for more than 25 years and has spoken at conferences on the topic in 24 countries. Her guidance helps people travel from their three-dimensional selves to a new five-dimensional plane of being with higher self-connections. Let Maureen St. Germain share her spiritual knowledge with you.

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