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The 7-Figure Spiritual Leader

October 25 - October 29
7 figure spiritual leader

LIVE Masterclass with Top Experts in

7 Figure Wealth, Spiritual Leadership, and Business!

Go from 6 to 7 figures and amplify your spiritual potency (connected to Source and your Divine-self everyday) TOGETHER.

  • Lead an even bigger global legacy-movement
  • Call in higher fees and sustain money leaps
  • Attract a thriving community of aligned clients, who are “right there” rather than far back on your journey and get rockstar results
  • Experience next-level support (dream team, yummy community, invest in higher-level containers)
  • Create time and energy surplus (go multidimensional)
  • Tap into your spiritual potency
  • And so much more!

Join us LIVE for a Virtual 5-Day Masterclass to:

Step into your Divine-self and be fully supported by the life-enhancing, purpose-championing energy of MONEY so you can thrive as a spiritual entrepreneur leading a global movement that transforms the lives of thousands.


CRACK the code to 7 figure money consciousness—the energetic shifts and outer strategies to make your next income leap easy and fast without selling your soul or being the bottleneck to letting it in.

UNLOCK the energetic secrets to spiritual leadership of your one-of a-kind, can’t wait to get out of bed, aligned legacy-movement (sold out programs, stellar content, rock star clients with brag worthy results) without energetic overload, burn out, visibility hangovers, or fighting with your spouse (kids, self…) because you’re working late again.

GROW your thriving spiritual business and fulfill the highest-level mission you came to earth for without being the best-kept secret or tribal loyalty holding you back from your millions.

ACTIVATE the keys to living in alignment with the spiritual laws of infinite abundance, surplus and expansion and multiply your spiritual potency.

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