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Facts About Akashic Records ǀ Modern-day Mysticism

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For the straight facts about Akashic Records, modern-day mystic Maureen St. Germain is a reputable source and a respected leader in the field of spiritual transformation. Often compared to the biblical ‘Book of Life,’ this infinite warehouse is believed to be accessed with the guidance of ethical readers. It encompasses the journey of a person’s soul—in the past, present and future. By opening this repository, an individual can gain better insight into their human evolution and better understand the world. Embraced by theosophists and inspired by the teaching of ancient Tibetan monks, this spiritual wisdom lies in the fifth dimension outside of the three-dimensional body and requires training and intense meditation to access. Self-discovery leads to a more profound self-connection.

Many different sources exist on the topic of mysticism. Maureen St. Germain and her staff want to ensure that the people they serve are given the facts about spiritual transformation and how the Akashic Records are a way to achieve better clarity in life. Along with this vast storehouse of inner knowledge, comes a toolbox of self-help spiritual materials that are also available. These include intensive training in MerKaBa mediation—a 17-breath technique that can open up the pathway to experiencing the fifth dimension. According to spiritualists, this is the electromagnetic shield that surrounds the three-dimensional body. Gaining complete self-understanding in this dimension is key to a complete reawakening. Tele-classes and online workshops, some free of charge, offer practice in negative energy clearing and meditation. Essential oils and Maureen St. Germain’s best-selling books, including Waking Up in 5D, are also excellent sources.

By learning the facts about Akashic Records with international speaker, teacher and trainer Maureen St. Germain, you can experience the wisdom of another plane of space and time to help you understand yourself and the world around you and to live more harmoniously within your world community. She is a highly respected voice in the new-age community who has lectured in 24 countries. Learn more about St. Germain’s spiritual service-based business and how her 25 years in the industry can help you now.

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