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Swim with the WILD dolphins, experience the Hathors in a new way, and add to your spiritual growth and adventures with this Akashic Records coursework included in paradise. We are offering This new training in Hawaii integrated with the dolphin experience.

We were guided to do this with our 2011 journey and had the most amazing experience. Now by special request from the cetaceans we are connected to, the Dolphins and the Whales, we are offering Akashic Records Level 1 training. Learn to open and read your own records.

Some of you may know that the whales are the record keepers for the planet. Learn to connect with your own record keepers and guides and open up the Akashic Records during the Dolphin Swim. We now recommend that you attend a Flower of Life Workshop with Maureen before you join us in Hawaii. Although it is NOT required for Akashic Records Level 1, it is required for Level 2, where you will be certified to open the records for others.

In addition, activation of the Dolphins and MerKaBa connection is coupled with the Dolphin Swims that will anchor in new connections with dolphins and other beings of Light. Our swims will take you to new levels of contact with your Higher Self which we will then use to anchor in the energy of Higher Dimensions including your connection with the Akashic Records.

Everyone will get a free Akashic Records Reading from Maureen
while on the Sacred Journey! A $229 value.

Join us in our all new Dolphin Swim Sacred Journey.

“I hope all is wonderful in your world and the workshops are changing the world one human at a time – I think of you often and am always feeling connected to you….I can never thank you enough for my FOL class in Hawaii, my life has never been the same nor would I want it to be.”
– Laura Loder, Chicago

The journey includes dolphin education, the Akashic Records training, four dolphin swims, snorkel practice, meditations and teachings about dolphins, a workbook, free Akashic Records Reading, your lodging, daily full breakfast featuring Hawaii’s famous tropical fruit and four lunches on the boat.

As interdimensional beings of Light, the dolphins are master teachers and healers whose vibrational frequencies and sonar take us into realms of expansion beyond description. They communicate to us the energy of the MerKaBa and being in their presence serves as a catalyst to our ascension as the vehicles of Light that we are.

It all begins when you send your tuition and you signal the Universe that you are ready to remember!

You may prepare for this by swimming daily and reading “Dolphins into the Future” by Joan Ocean, “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” Vols. I & II by Drunvalo Melchizedek and Maureen’s “Beyond the Flower of Life.”

View the details of our Dolphin Swim schedule: Dolphin Swim Itinerary

Please contact us if you need more information: Contact Information

Find out why swimming with dolphins may positively affect your DNA: Dolphins and DNA

Learn more about cetaceans, the people of the sea: Who are the Cetaceans?

Whale Encounter Photos

These photos from February 2006 show the amazing connection between us and other creatures, and how much this whale truly wanted interaction with us.

Some photos courtesy Kendle Hanson. 

Watch our very special whale video clip from 2006!

Hear one of our members ask the whale to give us a “high five” and see that he actually did! Maureen comments, “Who says whales can’t hear us?” Then hear the captain say, “I’ve never seen that before!”

Video clip courtesy Patrick Wise, member of the 2006 Dolphin Swim Journey group.

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