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Learn MerKaBa from home ǀ Modern-day Mysticism

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It is possible to learn MerKaBa from home with the reputable guidance of esteemed new-age teacher and trainer Maureen St. Germain. Whether online or via tele-classes, this ancient system of meditation and spiritual transformation can help individuals transcend the time-space continuum overcome the boundaries of their three-dimensional bodies. The training begins with classic 17-breath rhythmic patterns—originated by ancient Tibetan monks and practiced successfully for more than 16,000 years. It opens a gateway to a plane of electromagnetic energy that encircles the body with centrifugal force and spins out negative energy. The joyful byproduct is a total spiritual transformation of a body’s 3-D state to its soul’s light body, or 5-D state, where it can access dreams, thoughts and visions previously unreachable. This new level of awareness yields personal understanding and clarity.

Many people strive to find inner wisdom but feel helpless in their quest for spiritual transformation. Maureen St. Germain can be their answer. She and her staff help individuals learn MerKaBa to ascend their three-dimensional body to a five-dimensional state of awareness. All of this can be done from home with proper coaching and guidance. As a result, individuals can then access their personal Akashic Records with readings that unleash an infinite storehouse of a person’s inner consciousness—past, present and future. Tapping into this new realm of reality can offer never-before experienced peace, harmony and happiness and a new wisdom of clarity, which is so important for self-awareness and deepening connections with community and the world. Other related and helpful services include St. Germain’s best-selling books on Amazon, including Waking Up in 5D, as well as workshops, focus-based retreats and many high-quality essential oils to augment the experience.

To learn MerKaBa from home can be life-changing. With an international reputation of distinction in her field and more than 25 years’ experience as a coach, trainer, teacher and keynote speaker, Maureen St. Germain brings the best of the new-age community to you in your house. Ascend to a new dimension and experience a higher self-connection with her guidance.

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