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Call Archives January 2023

Higher self communication techniques @ 0:00
Maureen discussed proper techniques for communicating with one’s higher self, including asking action-oriented questions and avoiding predictions. Nalisha shared their experience of refining their approach.

Surrogate macravas and golden sheets for property protection @ 17:00
Maureen clarified that surrogate macravas are not for protection and explained how to create programs without polarity. They recommended using golden sheets for shielding property from harm.

Sedona predictions and upcoming events @ 23:31
Stephanie inquired about Maureen’s Sedona predictions. Maureen suggested the Sedona Journal but did not reveal details, promoting their upcoming event covering Lords of Time teachings.

Remote viewing class offerings @ 28:48
Tara asked about remote viewing. Maureen announced plans to repeat past successful classes, having co-taught with expert Tom Dungo. They welcomed further interest.

Removing black magic and self-protection @ 30:18
Lara sought black magic removal for their and their family. Maureen recommended daily clearing work and the powerful “Clearing Curses” prayer from their book and app.

Asking higher self questions correctly @ 33:17
John’s question led to discussing asking questions from a non-judgmental stance of “highest good” rather than predictive or obligation-based “should” questions.

Lords of Time and manipulating time @ 47:44
The Lords of Time message advised expanding love over fear to unlock time abilities. They provided techniques to experience time collapse and expansion for intention setting.

Closing and next steps @ 1:05:37
Maureen thanked all and promoted their upcoming Ascension Institute retreat. They and Jade clarified dates and locations. Dee was introduced for assistance during Maureen’s vacation.

Call Archives December 2023

Opening prayer and welcome @ 7:05
Maureen led the group in an opening prayer calling on spiritual guides and masters to be present. She welcomed over 20 attendees to the closing call of the 2023 Saint Germain Ascension Portal.

Questions about sacred geometry and meditation practices @ 13:48
Maureen answered questions about how to take down programs in the macabre and use sacred geometry shapes. She recommended meditations like reality remix to release regret.

Dealing with jealousy from family members @ 15:19
Maureen advised using the five D’Ani Buddhist to clear ancestral jealousy and anger affecting one’s heart. This meditation done for oneself and one’s entire lineage can eliminate the five poisons like jealousy.

Discussing upcoming astrological events and meditation practices @ 17:26
Maureen encouraged focusing on positive possibilities for the solstice, not scary news. She recommended meditations like 12 Points of Light and dancing in the river of golden opportunity to shift one’s vibration.

Preparing for the new year through meditation @ 38:06
Maureen led a guided meditation to envision the new year with improved relationships, family, health and spiritual mastery. She provided ideas for letting go ceremonies and goals for 2023.

Closing prayer and music recommendation @ 1:06:59
Maureen thanked all for attending and wished everyone a happy new year. She recommended the piano album “Noel” by Doug Hammer for uplifting music before closing with a prayer.

Call Archives November 2023

  • Maureen discussed the concept of grids and their effects on individuals. She also spoke about “forget, forget, forget” programming and recommended reducing exposure to Wi-Fi and EMF. – @4:49 
  • Maureen discussed the upcoming Akashic Records Reading Class, mentioning that opening the records for bigger questions for the collective is taught in level three. They also spoke about tools to clear clients manifesting their own demons, such as using the Remembrance essential oil blend and practicing forgiveness exercises from the book Beyond the Flower of Life. – @18:24 
  • Maureen discussed the importance of not pointing fingers and getting caught up in polarity. She shared personal experiences of retrieving lost or stolen items by simply asking for them to be returned without worrying about who took them. – @25:23 
  • Maureen and Latifah discussed the importance of not focusing on who stole Latifah’s belongings, but rather on ensuring her safety and taking necessary actions. – @32:05 
  • Maureen and Latifah discussed the concept of golden sheets, beings that provide protection and make individuals less visible to those who wish them harm. Maureen encouraged Latifah to read the blog post on their website for more information about the golden sheets. – @38:08 
  • Maureen and others discussed the power of changing past conversations to create a more positive reality and how gratitude and serving others can bring blessings. They also mentioned the importance of clearing dark energies. Maureen also spoke about the upcoming release of a new book. – @45:49 
  • Maureen expressed gratitude for the presence of ancestors and asked for continued assistance until completion. They also wished for everyone to have a heavenly experience and mentioned the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday in America. – @1:01:28

Call Archives October 2023

  • Maureen discussed the usage of a red laser sold on the Vibrance website. They explained that the laser is used by making circles on the desired area. – 6:50
  • Maureen discussed the usage and benefits of lasers for healing wounds, improving physical pain, and enhancing overall health. She also mentioned that lasers can be used on drinks to increase energy and improve taste, and provided a link to purchase them. – 14:59
  • Maureen discussed the importance of becoming an open channel and connecting with one’s higher self before engaging in communication with guides and other beings. She also emphasized the need to verify the source of messages received and ensure they are from beings of 100% godlike nature. – 21:36
  • Abhinayan shared his experiences of initially being unaware of discerning between light and dark information while channeling, leading to delivering a mix of good and bad messages. Through multiple instances of being misled, he learned the importance of checking the source and discerning whether the information is of the light or not. – 28:06
  • Maureen, Lany, Marina, and others discussed the importance of being aware of negative influences and maintaining a connection with beings that are 100% God-like. They also emphasized the significance of clearing oneself to alleviate physical discomfort and recommended resources for learning how to do so. – 34:26
  • Maureen explains that asking for protection creates a need for protection, but with the activated MerKaBa, clear intention and programming can be used to create a surrogate MerKaBa for specific purposes. She also dismisses the prediction of mass devastation and flooding in the future, stating that humanity is shifting dimensionally and that such events are not part of the current future trajectory. – 40:32
  • Maureen and others discussed their ability to manipulate the weather through mantras and prayers, sharing examples of how they have asked the elemental kingdom to calm down storms and soften their effects. They emphasized the importance of asking permission and showing gratitude towards the elemental kingdom, and also mentioned the misuse of weather manipulation by others. – 47:33
  • Maureen discussed the importance of putting energy into creating a strong future timeline. They also mentioned meditations that can help change timelines and emphasized the need for positive energy and belief in manifestations. – 54:14
  • Maureen and Latifah discussed Latifah’s experiences with attacks from a Freemason group due to a legal case against a company. Maureen advised Latifah to call for invisibility and ask for support from like-minded individuals, while also emphasizing the importance of the divine government meditation. – 1:00:24
  • Marina expressed her concern about the situation in Israel. Maureen acknowledged the presence of external influences and emphasized the importance of praying for the highest and best outcome for everyone involved, while also highlighting the need for divine solutions rather than specific ones. – 1:12:49

Call Archives -September 2023

Archangel clearing technique clarifications, fluoride is hard to avoid and contributes to the calcification of the pineal gland, shilajit to assist in detoxing the pineal gland, doing the MerKaBa on a plane, 5D MerKaBa clarifications, Higher Self protocol can be found for free on the Illuminate App under the Wisdom section, interested in Grid Work? Contact Jim Dillon at – Jim is busy with a other projects, so please be patient, sharing of a 5th Dimensional story by a group member, Brandon shares a personal experience during the recent retrograde period, Maureen does a channel message from the Lords of Light (begins at around the 44 minute point in the recording)

Call Archives-August 2023

Reverse aging techniques, using the Bedtime Prayer each evening to reactivate genesis cells – healing DNA, treat yourself with dignity by living a healthy lifestyle, meditation and alternate nostril breathing are powerful tools to rebalance left-brain dominance with heart-centered awareness, create and support your expansion into higher dimensional awareness, Golden Bowl Meditation, Merkaba meditations open one up to experientially travel. Babies love the meditations and no modifications are required for expectant mothers, creating our ‘magic word’ to open your heart, Black Helicopters and A.I. interference and techniques for handling.

Call Archives -July 2023

Mary Magdalene – details of her life, who she really was, and her relationship with Jesus, the hidden codes that give us clues about Mary’s life and her significance in the life of Jesus, the difference between gematria and numerology, the Vesica Piscis, “153,” and the Sacred Feminine, the meaning of “Mary,” Mary Magdalene was elevated by the Pope in 2016, finally recognizing her true position, equal to all of the other apostles, the ceremony, claiming the mantle of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Feminine Prayer, book recommendations, including I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalene by Flo Aevia Magdalena, and more!

Call Archives- June 2023

An explanation of claircognizance, understanding crystalline DNA , activating your genesis codes, how to stop the energy of worry, jumping timelines and being multi-dimensional, attracting the right energy in a mate & manifesting the relationship you desire, which AroMandalas oils are most beneficial for connecting with your Higher Self, releasing anger, healing a broken heart, self-forgiveness, and insomnia, clearing emotional entities, clarity on the MerKaBa, and more!

Call Archives- May 2023

How to deal with the frustration (and not raise your voice) when people don’t listen to you and you have to repeat yourself over and over again, moving into higher dimensions, the best meditation to play before running your Genie movie in your mind, where to put your focus when you are doing the 5D MerKaBa, how to deal with disagreements, how to protect your energy from lower vibrations, how to make a recovery when it feels like you’re hitting bottom, and more!

Call Archives- April 2023

The connection between the Higher Self & the Soul, more info about the Spiral Chakra meditation, protecting yourself as an empath, the Bedtime Prayer & higher dimensions, divine timing, strategies for protecting your energy & consciousness around negative people, using lasers on your chakras, more details on doing the 17 breath MerKaBa meditation, traveling between dimensions, and more!

Call Archives- March 2023

Manifestation Oil, Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity, using pyrite for manifesting, the power of solfeggio & other music to quiet the mind, dealing with people who are invested in 3D, remembering to consult your Higher Self, How to work with the elementals, Golden Time Meditation benefits, and more!

Call Archives- February 2023

Information on how to speak with your Higher Self and with your Angels and Guides (out loud versus silently), how to feel a deeper Higher Self connection, faden crystals, their benefits and uses, programming the MerKaBa – what you need to know, manifestation tips & crystals helpful for manifestation, a way to open your third eye (hint, open your throat chakra!), weather crystals, communication crystals, & others in our bodies, forming a Grid Work Group (contact us if interested!), opening our hearts to love & healing from a blow to the heart and more!

Call Archives- January 2023

Information on the MerKaBa, MerKaBa surrogates, thoughts on intention, attention, and manifestation, Faden crystals, a way to open your throat chakra, a channeled message from St. Germain and more!

Call Archives- December 2022

The end of karma, thoughts on forgiveness, Spiral Chakra clarification, Mars Retrograde, opting out of astrological influences, kindness, unexpected benefits of the Golden Bowl meditation, and more!

Call Archives- November 2022

A deep dive into the Spiral Chakra Meditation and some Sacred Geometry.

Call Archives- October 2022

A prayer to petition to rescind and revoke a vow that you’ve made, weather manipulation, remembering to check in to make sure you are working/interacting with Beings of 100% God light, remembering to check in if the information you are receiving is for the highest good and of the Divine Plan, the power of “What is going on?”, moving between dimensions, thoughts on cancer, and more!

Call Archives- September 2022

Benefits of tamarind, kelp, shilijit, and Bramini elixir. Thoughts on Golden Bowl meditation. How to help decalcify the pineal gland. Tips to help avoid fluoride. Ways to beat insomnia. A chant to lift out of emotional crisis. Using lasers. An explanation of the spiral chakra meditation. Talking about the end of karma and living in 5D

Call Archives- August 2022

A review of some elements of the opening prayer, connecting to shifting grids – how grids are changing and moving, activating your heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye, and crown chakra, reminder of how to create your “magic word” that you use to open your heart, healing bubbles – how to create and send them, blue communication, ascension symptoms and how to manage and cope with them, why belching is a good thing (LOL) & letting go of resistance, and more!

Call Archives- July 2022

The Golden Sheets – how and when to call them in, morning and evening prayers, clearing entities, timelines and dimensions, dealing with nightmares and sleep problems, a channeled message from the Lords of Time, and more!

Call Archives- June 2022

Cognitive dissonance, the uses of the Intention Disc by Vibranz, covellite stones for healing, synchronicities, the Double Torus and MerKaBa 5D, and more!

Call Archives- May 2022

Maureen goes over visualization for the Spiral Chakra Meditation, 5D MerKaBa Tetrahedrons, Wormholes, Portals, and much more!

Call Archives- April 2022

Maureen goes over the 5 Secret Rays, the 5 Dhyani Buddhas, and much more!

Call Archives- March 2022

Maureen reviews the Bedtime Prayer in detail and answers questions about the 5D MerKaBa and Gold Bowl meditations.

Call Archives- February 2/22/2022

Maureen elucidates the many meanings of 22222 and its constituent components. She also answers questions about The Great White Brotherhood in Bulgaria, the 3 Earths and how to stay in 5D, tinnitus, gridwork and much more!

Call Archives- January 2022

Our Q & A with Maureen included thoughts about: * Techniques for protecting an empty home from a distance (hint: send in angels!) (also, did you know that an empty barn will collapse?) * Flow Rings – a toy that can help you conceptualize the fields of energy around you. Are you familiar with the torus? *A reminder to listen to the recording where she talks about the J-Seals, if you haven’t already. *How to reconnect your self-healing DNA, allowing your body to connect with your original Divine blueprint. *And she ended the session with the Golden Bowl Meditation. Be sure to experience that!

Call Archives- December 2021

Maureen talks about what happens when we sleep, book recommendation to learn more about Ascended Masters, Flow Rings, Zeta Seals, Metatronic Implants, Hathor Chants, evening prayer to activate genesis cells, and more!

Call Archives- November 2021

Maureen talks about what we can (and can’t) do to help our friends and loved ones, MerKaBa meditation and tetrahedrons, the Lords of Time, clearing a home of unwanted entities, and more!

Call Archives October 2021

Maureen talks meditation, clearings, and J-Seals review. She also channels Lords of Time.

Call Archives- November 2021

Maureen talks meditation, clearings, and J-Seals review. She also channels Lords of Time.

Call Archives- September 2021

Clearing J-Seals & Other Clearings

Call Archives- August 2021

Call Archives- July 2021

Call Archives- June 2021

Call Archives May 2021

Call Archives- April 2021

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January 2021 (Part 1)

January 2021 (Part 2)

Golden Time Meditation

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