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MerKaBa Classic Training ǀ Modern-day Mysticism

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To experience a spiritual transformation, MerKaBa classic training is the key. Modern-day mystic Maureen St. Germain is the one of the world’s most reputable teachers of this spiritual practice and can coach individuals through face-to-face consultations, via tele-classes or online. The original 17-breath meditation regimen is the best way to achieve inner harmony, according to theosophists. First introduced by ancient Tibetan monks more than 16,000 years ago, this meditative state uses precise inhales and exhales to harness a divine power deep within an individual. This breathing pattern activates the rotating live field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds a three-dimensional body and ascends a person to a five-dimensional state. Here, a most perfect self exists, with total peace, love and harmony.

Reaching the MerKaBa is an unparalleled awakening. Disciplined systematic breathing and a full understanding of its power are essential.

For this reason, classic training by reputable guides, such as Maureen St. Germain and her staff, is imperative. An important outcome of this coaching is the individual’s ability to enter a fifth-dimensional state of being, which makes them receptive to understanding the wisdom of an Akashic Records reading. Opening up this warehouse of one’s unending thoughts and dreams can have a profound effect on future decisions and likely outcomes. In a sense, the energy provides the gateway to complete perfection of mind, body and soul. Additionally, intensive focus-based retreats, essential oils and a variety of self-help books, such as Waking Up in 5D, one of St. Germain’s many best-sellers, are also beneficial.

For the most transformational MerKaBa classic training, count on Maureen St. Germain. Not only has she been speaking worldwide as an expert on the topic for 25 years, she has positively affected the lives of countless clients who continue to rely on her counseling. Moreover, she practices what she preaches, as do her staff members, who sign ethical contracts as professionals. In the new-age community, you can count on Maureen St. Germain as a leader and compassionate partner in your personal life journey.

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