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AroMandalas-Orion Series® Manifestation Blend


Rivers of golden opportunity enter your physical reality and spiritual awareness direct from the Akashic Records as you meditate with the Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity Meditation and use this remarkable combination of ajowan, cypress, amber, lanyana, lavender, clove and fennel. The base used is a light amber blend that reproduces the energies of this golden fossilized resin which, tradition tells us, helps in the art of manifestation to bring about that which is desired.


Sounds and Scents

Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity

Channeled directly from the Akashic Records, this meditation is a ‘must have’ for anyone! Tap into the river of unlimited opportunity to manifest all you desire. Learn to create, not from want but joy, not demand but desire, bringing forth new ideas, opportunities and solutions. The River of Golden Opportunity is a tangible, fluid, refreshing and reviving energy from outside our three dimensional reality. We receive it when we call it in.

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