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Schedule Akashic Readings ǀ Modern-day Mysticism

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Those seeking spiritual transformation can schedule Akashic readings with modern-day mystic and internationally acclaimed spiritualist Maureen St. Germain. A pioneer in the industry, Maureen St. Germain and her experienced staff have guide individuals to the full access to their records of life—past, present and future. This infinite fount of knowledge of one’s thoughts and actions, when opened up, can have a profound effect on one’s decisions to help shape probable futures. Its meaning dates to ancient Tibetan monks who had channeled energy through meditation. The storehouse has been espoused by theosophists through the ages as a means of accessing and interpreting information only reached in another spatial and time plane, known as the fifth dimension. Only through sessions with trained guides who have practiced spiritual techniques can people easily and efficiently reach this inner realm.

For individuals who are dedicated to finding spiritual wisdom, Maureen St. Germain offers a complete suite of services. After committing to schedule their individual Akashic readings, clients can learn a precise 17-breath meditation technique that brings individuals into the fifth dimension. Known as MerKaBa, this shield of crystal envelops individuals’ souls and helps their three-dimensional body activate their light body in 5D. A tandem tool also includes St. Germain’s best-selling books, including Waking Up in 5D. Negative energy cleansing, online workshops, self-help DVDs, essential oils and a complete focus-based retreat—The Ascension Institute—are additional supplementary activities that are all based in love and compassion.

You can trust Maureen St. Germain when you schedule Akashic readings because she has practiced meditation and studied ancient truths for her entire life and has committed her 25-year professional career to spiritual reawakening. Committed to enabling people to live in their ‘highest’ moment at all times, Maureen St. Germain practices what she espouses. Major conferences in 24 countries routinely recruit her as a keynote speaker because of her outstanding reputation. Her staff is governed by ethics, and her loyal clients echo the sentiments of the new-age community leaders who look to her as a leader in the field of self-transformation.

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