Open Your Heart: Learn The Classic 17 Breath MerKaBa Meditation

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Our connection to our heart is our connection to our soul. As Maureen St. Germain explains in Beyond the Flower of Life: “If ALL you do is the MerKaBa, your heart will open.” But there is so much more to the MerKaBa meditation, and this blog will attempt to explain it.

“You cannot continue to activate your MerKaBa daily, getting all the elements of yourself in perfect balance, without opening your heart. In other words, activating your MerKaBa will result in opening your heart,” say Maureen St. Germain. The daily practice of the scientifically geared, logical practice of MerKaBa will open your heart, regardless of what else you do. It is amazingly profound to know this. According to Maureen St. Germain, “Learning the meditation takes four focused hours in a MerKaBa workshop. Practicing it takes no more than five minutes daily.”

Maureen St. Germain explains the importance of the MerKaBa is the element of unconditional love. Unconditional love is one of the most profound forms of love in our life. We learn that love should have no conditions place on it, although many time this happens. Is it really love? “The benefits of developing your connection to your heart and unconditional love are enormous.” As Maureen further explains: “The heart is the translator for Higher Self information. The more open your heart is, the clearer the incoming information will be. It is in your best interest to stay open and work through blows to the heart so that you can advance in your understanding of what your Higher Self has in Store for you.” To see more of what is quoted here, please refer to the Beyond the Flower of Life.

In conclusion, the 17 Breath MerKaBa meditation is the gate to opening our heart, and connecting to our Higher Self. Maureen confirms: “Love is the fuel. Your Higher Self needs your open heart’s love (fuel) to understand and interpret the information coming in through the MerKaBa and Higher Self. You are capable of higher and higher expression of unconditional love.”

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