How Online Akashic Readings Can Change Your Life for the Better

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For the best online akashic readings from the comfort of your own home, contact Maureen St. Germaine and her professional guides to improve your life and your future.

Living during a pandemic has fueled many people’s introspective sides. We’ve pondered, reconsidered and taken stock of our lives, perhaps more aware of our mortality than ever before. Many of us have become more in tune with our feelings and emotions, leaving us to question the ‘bigger pictures’ of existence. And with more time to assess our lives, we may have begun to wonder how we can become a better version of ourselves. How can we take this time to improve who we are and how we relate to others? How can we transform our lives and initiate changes that we have wanted to make for a long time but perhaps did not know how to begin? One way to achieve these goals is to reconnect with ourselves through a deeper understanding of our past and present decisions which, in turn, will help formulate our future decisions. During these challenging times of quarantine and stay-at-home activities, one way to achieve these momentous goals is through online akashic readings right from the comfort of your own home. World-renowned spiritual expert Maureen St. Germain and her team of professional guides can provide these services virtually so you can take the first step in transforming your life.

The fascinating aspect of online akashic records readings is that with the help of a spiritualist you can access some of the deepest, most private and unconscious emotions that you have experienced and use this newfound understanding of yourself to make better decisions in the future. You can think of these trained guides as your soul’s personal librarians who have the key to unlock your own repository of thoughts. It is a careful and thoughtful process, and you can be trained in an ancient Tibetan 17-breath meditation that uses rhythmic patterns to transport your three-dimensional self to the fifth dimension. To do so, you will find yourself crossing the MerKaBa—a crystalline shield of energy believed to surround your body—then entering a harmonious state of understanding where you can become the best version of yourself. Maureen St. Germain has traveled the world lecturing on this topic and has written several award-winning books on living in 5-D. Founder of the Ascension Institute, she offers many workshops, lectures and self-help courses in person and electronically. In her latest fast-track workshop, you can complete levels 1 and 2 in just 4 days. Contact her soon to take the first step in self-improvement.