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Thanks for purchasing an Akashic Records reading
with Maureen St. Germain!


You may choose to have your reading on the phone or on Zoom. Please follow the appropriate link below to schedule your reading.

To schedule your 80-minute PHONE reading:

To schedule your 50-minute ZOOM reading:

Below you will find information on how to prepare for your Akashic Records reading. The same information will be presented to you once you schedule your reading. It is your responsibility to bring questions to the reading, so please take the time to read the document in its entirety and prepare accordingly.

Please note that Maureen does readings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and is located in the Arizona time zone.

If one of Maureen’s available times does not meet your needs, please email her assistant Kim at to determine another time that works for both of you.

Thank you, and enjoy your reading!

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