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What is MerKaBa?

Imagine being able to fly a plane without having taken an advanced flight course. Your very own ‘automatic pilot’ takes over with ease. Your trust your instincts, and you soar! Of course, from an aviation standpoint, this is not possible. However, this idea of operating at your highest level and achieving mastery in the fifth dimension with minimal or no previous experience is possible on a spiritual level once you have activated your MerKaBa. Where do you begin? The perfect place to start is through the activation of your personal energy field known as the MerKaBa, which allows you to operate as if you are fifth dimensional even if you haven’t yet learned how. You can transcend the time-space continuum and dimensional limitations and ultimately become 5D in your 3D bodies. As a result, you can achieve a more harmonious, contented understanding of yourself, the people you love, the individuals who may challenge you and the universe.

Classic MerKaBa meditation

Practiced for more than 16,000 years, the classic MerKaBa meditation and its magical qualities have attracted people who have yearned for deeper self-awareness and the spiritual tools to help them navigate life’s difficult periods. The MerKaBa’s rotating, geometric, crystalline energy field surrounds the physical body and provides the gateway to multiple dimensions of tranquility. It is widely symbolized in sacred geometry as a beautiful shape of two spinning and intersecting tetrahedrons. Teacher, Maureen St. Germain has studied this light-energy field for many years, and her teaching has evolved as she has learned more and more. Maureen St. Germain’s passion to remain true to the classic MerkaBa stems from her very own MerKaBa story and the self-awareness she gained and wanted to share because of practicing, developing, and evolving the classic 17-breath method and, eventually, sharing a 5D meditation. As Maureen St. Germain personally spent more time with this powerful energy field, the flow of information became part of her course material, which set her apart from many other teachers. She stayed true to the original meditation practice but has worked with people to help them understand MerKaBa meditation instructions to connect to their expanded energy field in 5D, where trust in one’s Higher Self actively and effectively helps guide one’s decision making and sense of personal awareness. To activate your MerKaBa, download Maureen St. Germain’s class at
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