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Michael Bajardi


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Meet Michael


Michael can offer a different view than the other Readers. He always felt different in a subtle way from other people and now it is proven.

Michael feels like his entire life experience has brought him to this point.  With his engineering perspective he evaluated the spiritual practices that he encountered and he used his logical mind to examine the veracity of the claims. When his mind was satisfied he jumped into action full heartedly. He would strive to learn everything that he could from every adventure.

Having lived the life of an adult man in the United States during the time from the Vietnam War through today, there has never been peace in his lifetime. In the sixties there was the promise of the New Age which would bring worldwide peace for a millennium. But things only got worse on every front until now.

We are now allowed to access the Akashic Records. We are able to directly communicate with our own soul through personal questions of the Book of Life. The purpose is to bring a loving presence to your heart and mind and spread that vibration throughout your life to create days of heaven on earth for all people. Just recently Michael became aware that his chaotic life of construction and spiritual quest was his created path to be an Akashic Records Reader.

The Reading opens with a direct communication to you from your soul with the opening remarks from the Record Keepers. Imagine your soul talking directly to you. He does  not have to prove it to you because it comes from you. You then ask questions about your soul growth in this life. You will now have clarity on your next steps in life. And so it is.


What People Are Saying About Michael Bajardi’s Readings

I received one of Mike Bijardi’s first professional Akashic readings and I’m so happy for doing so.  Mike expressed a bit of nervousness at first, who wouldn’t on a first outing?  But he soon got in the flow of the information, which clearly was coming from a place beyond him, and when that happened, everything deepened.  The session went on for about 75 minutes and for the full last hour I received focused, clear, actionable feedback.  I came away with two specific things to focus on that are with me every day still, nearly two months later.  They are a new mantra for me, a new vision that fits what I want my life to be about from this point forward.  I highly recommend Mike’s readings, do yourself and favor and see what the Akashic record has to offer you.
~ Robert Jeffers

Michael is a true New Yorker. That has nothing to do with anything other than his tone resonates with me cause I live in NYC LOL! As far as the reading, it was a very great eye opening experience which has lead me to more spiritual growth practices and research, from finding out so much about my past life, and just how uncanny it resonates with my life today. And that was all from just the first reading! The answers are there; everything opens for you when you ask the right questions.’
~ Brandon Russ

I really appreciated the Reading
Now I can take the next step With confidence.
LOTs of love and light
~ Sanna

Although I attended college with Michael, I did not know him well back then, but I was pleased to become reacquainted some 50 years later during recent Zoom alumni group meetings.  We gravitated toward each other after finding out about our respective spiritual practices; mine as a longtime meditator and his as an Akashic Records Reader.  After learning more about my background, Michael has given me two Readings. I feel that I have received good and wise advice, and was left with a peaceful confidence in my path, bolstered by the message that I will be guided by my ability to look within. That said, I would do another Reading. I have no doubts about Michael’s well-intentioned spirit and inherent goodness.
~ Alan 

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You will be taken to AkashicRecordsGuides.org to complete your booking.

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