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Understanding the Magnanimous Dimension

Keeping ourselves in our 5D awareness is not always easy. It is a learned practice that we can continue to keep throughout our lives. A prolific teacher and practical mystic, Maureen St. Germain offers guidance to facilitate this practice and can help individuals understand the significance of the process. In her latest book, Mastering Your 5D Self, she explains: “When your emotions are balanced, they align and move quickly through the fourth dimension and into your fifth-dimensional body. This is when you may easily align with your highest purpose and your most evolved self.” (Mastering Your 5D Self, p. 54)
This shift from fourth to fifth dimension can be accomplished in several ways. Maureen St. Germain discusses these methods: “The easiest way is to start with a clear intention and then work things out from there. Begin with a visual or an intention that clearly shows the results of being fifth dimension in a third-dimensional body. Your first objective is to make sure you are lined up.” (Mastering Your 5D Self, p. 54)
How do we line up? Maureen St. Germain offers guidance: “Notice what resistance you have in your body. Notice what resistance you have in your mind. Notice your resistance in your heart. Invite all this resistance to be released. Sometimes it is released through movement (somatics, which involves the mind-body connection, is ideal). Sometimes it is released through exercise (qigong, which integrates posture, breathing and movement, is spectacular for that). And sometimes it can be released through various outside healers and therapies.” (Mastering Your 5D Self, p. 54)
Whichever way we chose to release this resistance, living in our 5D existence is most satisfying and, frankly, is the way we can all create our own heaven while on earth. Open your seven receptive chakras, work daily with your higher self-connection and you will find achieving your 5D experience is second nature and easily obtained. Your life will become fuller and more satisfying, and your divine self will become that link to Spirit that we all wish to achieve.
Understanding this magnanimous dimension is possible by contacting spiritual knowledge facilitator Maureen St. Germain and her St. Germain Mystery School today.

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