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Northern California


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Sidni is excited about being on this journey as an Akashic Record Guide, Energy Healer and Hypnotherapist (QHHT & Alchemical) at this point in time on this spinning planet.  She believes our very presence, living to our full potential and purpose  – deeply impacts all beings and the universe turning it into a positive, heavenly experience.  Armed with over 50 years of a strong spiritual practice connecting to the Universal Law that resides within all of us, she has always sensed the mission she has on beautiful Terra along with her fellow Terrans – as one of ascension and spiritual growth.

With an ever seeking mind for the truth Sidni sought to find the meaning of this great experience and her part in it.  She believes that her awakening within will in turn awaken others by connecting to the Akashic Records, her Higher Self and Guides to get to the root of all sufferings and her true mission with an infinite “knowing” to the answers to all the questions of the Universe.  She has found when connecting to this Akashic realm, bathed in the incredible high and pure vibrations of the Records, the Beings of Light and Guides that reside there –  are able to tap into their abilities to clear, heal, clarify and transmute energies that have blocked and hindered growth on our path.

Sidni finds it is with great delight and honor to serve as a Guide to share in these sacred and fascinating journeys into our soul essence – inviting one and all into the warm embrace of the higher dimensions.  Sidni has found that a deep transmutation occurs in the Records that clarify the reason for our  deepest suffering, turning it into great joy and a clear path of a brighter future.

It is with great honor and humbleness that she facilitates and joins you on this incredible journey into your Akashic Records – breaking through to the very core of your being – your soul – integrating your divine essence – blossoming into being everything you came here to be. Sidni is dedicated to you getting to the root of your concerns, healing and clearing with the help of your Higher Self, Guides, Beings of Light and Akashic Masters. She is excited about the future and deeply honored to take this journey with you to discover the realms of the deepest mysteries of your life – the realms of your infinite soul wisdom.

Blessings on your glorious journeys,

Sidni Williams


What clients have said about Sidni’s readings

“I love working with Sidni. She enters a higher dimensional state and reflects back to me the thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of the Akashic Record Keepers and other Divine Beings that she calls in. I can see my history from their perspective. The Divine Beings also act as a healing team for the problems that I bring to their attention.I love my appointments with Sidni and intend to keep coming back for my personal elixir from the Divine.”

~ Heidi T. in Calistoga, CA


“Sidni is lovely. She was able to get answers to so many questions I had. I have had readings with others but she is the best! I have had several sessions with her and they are always wonderful and fulfilling.”

~ Pam L., Steamboat, Colorado


“When it comes to healing, vulnerability and delicate issues are an inevitable barrier.  I have had the honor of visiting my Akashic Records not once, but twice, with Sidni.The immense clarity, understanding and PEACE that entered my Soul and Spirit is irreplaceable and long-lasting.  During one session we were able to pinpoint the nagging heaviness of burden upon my shoulders through past lives – the clearing and healing that the Beings of Light in the Records were able to facilitate was life changing.  The lifting of these burdens was a breakthrough where I have experienced a lightness and clarity I have not felt in years.You will not be disappointed.”
~ Yolanda C., Northern California


“The world has been waiting for the help that Sidni is offering.  She is a clear conduit channel who comes to guide each specific individual’s needs for the deep understanding for higher evolvement and profound forgiveness!  Immeasurable is this work and so highly recommended by the Divine Beings of Light!”

~ Liza X., Northern California


“I had a wonderful session with Sidni. It was very revealing and life-changing. I wanted to know what was behind my shoulder (rotator cuff) pain. My sister was experiencing the same problem at the same time with the same arm. In the session I discovered why we were going through it at the same time. She did surgery and I was determined to heal it in a natural holistic way. I had some fascinating discoveries that really got to the root of things. I noticed the pain in my shoulder subsided right away after the reading. I feel Sidni is such a clear channel and was wonderful to work with. It was one of the most dynamic profound readings I have ever had.”

~ Janine S., Cross Roads, TX

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