The Practical Mystic – Your 5D Self and Dragons

This month’s “The Practical Mystic” features some information on how you can be accessing your fifth dimensional self with greater frequency. In this discussion, I share insights on typical ways we slip between 3rd and fifth. I also explain how we are not at the bottom of 3rd dimension – but an overtone above it – that allows us to easily slip into 4th dimension and then 5th. Listen and find out why we don’t want to go to 4th dimension – and what 4th dimension is all about. We also talk about the dragons, how they can help you, and how to ask for their help!

Ritual and Ceremony!

Do you have enough Ritual in your life?

Maureen discusses the importance of ritual, ceremony and prayer — and how it ties into mass consciousness.

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This show aired on Monday March 10, 2015 — Click below to listen to the replay

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April’s topics:  You are a multidimensional being, and how to get help from the dragons!

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Clearing Discordant Energies – Via Time Travel

Check out our latest episode of The Practical Mystic, live, Dec. 8, 2 PM PT

We just finished recording our December radio, the Practical Mystic. If you have or are dealing with anger, (yours or someone else’s, or perhaps it’s the interactions… that leave you both angry) this show is for you. Our featured subject was resolving discordant energy! The show was so high – that there were moments we didn’t know where we were!

During the show I explained how to use gifts and time travel to resolve issues of discordant energy. I then led a guided meditation that takes you through it! Both Kim (my co-host) and I were crying in the end it was so powerful. What a way to heal. We capture what the causes might be, how to fix them, and then how to use time travel to make magic for the circumstances.

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