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Back to God Guided Meditation MP3 Collection

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Activating Your Sixth Sense – Golden Bowl Meditation

If you haven’t yet tried this amazing meditation – we recommend you do so!

Activating your sixth sense is important to all of us! It’s easy to do, and related directly to your sinuses!

This meditation is one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever created. I’ve been getting downloads about the “Golden Bowl” located in the sinus cavities that surround the entire skull for about 7 years but was never given the green light to release it.  Until now.

Over the years, as a mystic, I discovered that while doing spiritual work my sinuses would “open up,” even when my sinuses didn’t need to open. Feeling my sinuses open up for “no reason” was profound. I liked that expansive feeling in my sinuses during meditation, and knew it was related to my connecting to my spiritual gifts.

Please pay careful attention to the Intro – that explains why this is so very important. Initially, you may want to play it each time you do the meditation. AND, it can be done multiple times a day, as many of our early testers suggested to us!

You can read the entire Golden Bowl story here: READ MORE ABOUT GOLDEN BOWL

“I love the Golden Bowl meditation. I’ve done it several times since receiving it. Each time I begin the meditation my sinuses automatically expand and stay that way! It’s quite amazing. The opening continues for days. I’m planning to do this meditation regularly for a bit of time. It’s easy and so beautiful. It’s also quick, so it’s easy to make room for it in a busy day. I’ve noticed that I’ve been accomplishing more each day since I did the first meditation. This could be part of the effect of it as well. Thank you for the Golden Bowl Meditation!” – Peg Donahue, Feng Shui Connections

Meditation to the Crystal Elohim

The Crystal Elohim Meditation will take you to many realms, both past and present, and even to the beginnings of creation. Using this audio will enable you to connect with the source codes of creation and create new matrixes for yourself. The Crystal Elohim came to Maureen and asked her to “drop everything” to make this meditation. You may have heard of the new crystalline energy from Doreen Virtue and Drunvalo Melchizedek. Now you can experience this energy for yourself.

“I played the Crystal Elohim CD for my monthly Sacred Circle group. Everyone was blown away by the powerful energy that is coded into this meditation. Even though no one had even heard of the Elohim before, everyone could feel their presence and power. They all asked, ‘Where can I get a copy of this?’” Dan Trollinger, Managing Editor, Sartori Publishing Group, Durham, North Carolina


Unify! A Soul Retrieval Meditation

Unify! is a series of guided meditations to guide you through retrieving and remembering all of your lost parts. Now is the time to put The soul retrieval work has been on my back burner here for a long time. I really wanted to release it, yet for some reason it wasn’t ready until now. This meditation guides you through an amazing set of meditations that allow you to bring back lost parts of yourself. Trauma – from abuse or neglect, an accident, natural disaster, death or disability in the family, sudden hurtful news or any emotional wound or shock that has left a scar – can often lead you to split off a chunk of yourself to get through the shock or grief. Now is the time to get yourself all back together! – Maureen

Why is it important to “get back together?” When you Unify you, it becomes possible to accomplish more, to meditate better, to achieve spiritual goals and be yourself more. It is easier to step back and unhook from mass consciousness programming and be your authentic self. Everything’s better when you Unify!

“The meditation for the soul retrieval (Unify) was AMAZING!!! During the night as I slept, I had moments of consciousness where I literally recalled myself saying, ‘Oh my God, it’s here, I can feel it!’ This was when the first soul piece came back home ? The next morning I felt as if i had traveled every where but I felt wonderful!”


Mantras for Ascension

Mantras for Ascension contains an extremely powerful mantra and a chant you can use to clear your field of excess emotion and keep your heart open to God. The Hathor Chant will clear the auric field through the four lower elements all the way down to the earth. It allows you to clear and expand your pranic tube while connecting to Mother Earth. The Kabbalistic Chant will clear the field through all the dimensions, all realities, all the way back to God. Both are great for clearing emotions.

“Thank you so much for sending the awesome CD. ‘El Ka Leem Om’ hit me like a rocket! My light body ignites; it’s all I want to hear. When I listen to ‘Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Adonai Sabaoth,’ I feel like I’m inside my MerKaBa. Absolutely, a ‘next dimension production power tool.’ Thanks so much for bringing it through.” – Nancy Dullany, Norwalk, CT

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