Join me as we explore the ancient cultures of Peru with shamans and elders. As we experience ancient past, our memories awaken our hearts.

Includes Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cusco, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Pisac and a first class Swiss train along the Andes with majestic and spectacular topography to Lake Titicaca, the birthplace of the ancient Incas.

Lake Titicaca (known by the native Aymara as Mamacota, Mother Lake) is one of earth’s strongest natural shrines of feminine energies.

This Pilgrimage to Peru will initiate you to your NEW energies that support the inner-balanced human.

The Gestation begun last December is almost over. We have been preparing ourselves, shifting and moving through Divine Timing. During the Fall Equinox, the days and the nights are completely balanced. This is the time when we are activating our true nature, led by our intuitive, receptive, feminine side while integrating the gifts of the masculine; the gifts of balance, order and reason.

It is a time to Remember Our Future, a time to create our share of the solution. It is the time to remember who we really are and become the Divine Self, at the dawning of the age of the Divine Feminine. The transfer of the mantle of leadership from the Masculine began with the Mayan ceremony in December 2012 at Chichen-Itza with Hunbatz-men and many other male teachers worldwide.

Our group enters Machu Pichu before dawn, for the equinox, and before the tourists. We will hold a Great Consciousness Ceremony for mapping humanity’s future. Be a part of the solution. This will be an initiation trip for you personally and your presence stands in for the many, for planetary energies. We are anchoring in the energies of Pacha Mama as guided. Much of the work is spontaneous and receptive, as is the way for the Divine Feminine.

We will use our connections with our Divine Self to access gateways and portals to the Divine Feminine, and the intuitive side for both men and women, to activate within our personal lives and to then integrate into everyday life when we return. Expect nothing. Be open to experience anything.

Each person will get private time with Maureen, in small groups. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and learn from one another.

The lectures are esoteric, and offer teachings about the New Earth, the New Golden Age, transition to these areas, and how you can integrate this information into your life.

As a clear channel, Maureen will be able to bring forth information from Mother Earth, the Pliedians, Earth Keepers, the Hathors and other keepers of the Light.

You are asked to be place holders, stake holders in the upliftment of the energies on the planet. We have help from many areas of spiritual arenas, but they must rely on the use of your free will to activate these gifts to humanity.

As you prepare for this trip, please ask the Beings of 100% God Light, who are on this mission with you, to join with you in the dream time. Set clear intention that you are ready and willing to participate at every level of your being.