Making a Higher Self Connection

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Our Higher Self Connection is the basic key to arriving and staying in our 5D experience. Most of us go through our day-to-day life, operating in a 3D awareness. To rely on our Higher Self Connection, practice with it and understand that it is our opportunity to co-create with God in a marvelous experience and one which will give us a more fulfilled life. Spiritual mystic Maureen St. Germain explains in Waking Up In 5D, how to use this Higher Self Connection to gain knowledge, co-create with God and how to be open and receptive to the Divine Self.

“We use our egos to learn and familiarize ourselves with the world around us. At maturity, the ego is no longer needed but has become so powerful that we continue to rely on it instead of growing our Higher Self awareness. This gives the term ‘growing up’ much greater meaning!” (*Waking Up in 5D p. 225.) In order to grow up, we need to establish and rely on our connection to our Higher Self.

“Within the mind of God is all perfection and all-knowingness. Yet this mind does not contain all the experiences that have yet to be experienced. This is a common misnomer because even the Akashic Records hold probable futures and do not hold all possible futures until there is energy supporting a specific direction.” (**Waking up in 5D p. 225.) By co-creating our experiences with the mind of God, our life becomes much fuller and more joyful.)

Maureen St. Germain channeled from the Akashic Records the following statement: “So we say to you from on high: allow yourself to be open and receptive to the Divine Self–that hidden inner wisdom that represents the version of you that is fully plugged into God to be present and in your consciousness. (*** Waking Up in 5D p. 226.)

Maureen further explains: “Ask for the mind of God to overshadow you, to inspire you, to evolve you. Ask for the mind of God to step in and fill your mind with this deep love that God holds for you. This love will permeate everything about you. It will enable you to let your mind relax, let your ego relax and let the mind of God move through you, through your heart to create your divine expression. This is one way to merge your ego with your Divine Self.” (Waking Up in 5D p. 226.)

Therefore, to connect with our Higher Self, our Divine Self, the self that is in one mind with God, is all powerful and most important to staying in our 5D awareness. Learning to trust that still small voice from our Higher Self will allow us to make good choices and live a life as one with God.

Find Your Curiosity and Joy

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Maureen St. Germain has recently published a follow-up book to Waking Up in 5D. The new book, Mastering Your 5D Self, expands upon the many thoughts and beliefs Maureen has been teaching over the past 25 years. Chapter Two, “Curiosity and Joy,” is one that will touch the hearts and minds of many individuals who are on their journey to spiritual enlightenment.

The opening statement in the second chapter is one we should all practice as we walk our journey: “Let curiosity bring joy into your life. When you have true curiosity, you have joy. When you have curiosity, you are not in judgment. When something happens that you do not understand, are you quick to label it? Or do you wonder what’s going on? Give yourself the gift of practicing wonder, true curiosity” (Mastering Your 5D Self, p. 33).

Maureen St. Germain suggests, “Ask yourself what your highest priority (of things to accomplish) is right now” (Mastering Your 5D Self, p. 33). Do you want to know what your life mission is? What is it you want, really want right now? How can you achieve your goals, dreams and ambitions? Mastering Your 5D Self will teach you how to use all the tools available to manifest your dreams. For example, the simple tool of manifestation, envisioning your final dream, is a tool to use to satisfy the curiosity that will bring an abundance of joy into your life. Ask your Higher Self to help you define your goals and ambitions. Ask your Higher Self to provide the ideas that make you curious. Ask your Higher Self to assist you to define what it is you really desire. Your Higher Self will never steer you wrong. As Maureen St. Germain states: “Believe in the Higher Self and learn to activate it and use it. This connection is to achieve the higher version of you. It is not better than you, nor do you let it rule you. Like a good coach, it can see beyond where you can see and can guide you in making decisions that will give you your highest and best outcome” (Mastering Your 5D Self, p. 13).

Therefore, what is it that brings you joy? What it is that makes your curious? What is it you really want? Mastering Your 5D Self will help you find those answers and so much more.