Signs You Are Merging with Your Higher Self

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Modern society applauds the idea of being proactive. We hear it in business, health and fitness…even in relationships. Instead of waiting for problems, we are encouraged by experts to think ahead and plan or envision our future—from financial planning to preventative medicine. On a spiritual level, aligning with your higher self is a lot like becoming proactive instead of being reactive.

Consider this scenario. You are driving and another car approaches from the opposite direction. You manage to stay out of its way, even though the driver has crossed over the center line right in front of you. You end up swerving to your side of the road, but still safe. ‘Good thing my reactions were so quick,’ you think. This is your lower self, or your reactionary side at work. Now consider the scenario from a totally different perspective. Your Higher Self would be aware of the oncoming car long before you are and would send you a message such as, ‘Why don’t you take a break? You’ve been driving for a while and need to rest. There’s a scenic overlook ahead; pull over and enjoy the view.’ When the car from the other direction comes down that road toward you, you are out of harm’s way. You might not even know a reckless driver is approaching. In fact, you’ll never notice because your Higher Self directed you to get off the road.

Of course, becoming your Higher Self does not happen instantaneously. The Higher Self connection is something you build gradually with a specific practice that will not fail you in your time of need. After opening your heart, this is more important than programming your MerKaBa. Whether you choose to learn the MerKaBa meditation or not, your ability to find your Higher Self is the most important, inner GPS you could ever achieve. It completely eliminates the need or usage of any other form of divination.

Remember, the Higher Self is a version of you that is fully connected to God. Your first goal is to communicate with this version of yourself, and the next goal is to move this presence into your physical body. Then you will be an ascended being. What are signs your Higher Self is talking to you? You will begin to receive unsolicited information. For example, shopkeepers at a local store you frequent or waiters at a favorite restaurant can anticipate your tastes and interests and offer you things you might like. Similarly, your Higher Self will begin to offer you the information you did not even know you needed. This is just wonderful. You may remember switching from regular television to HDTV. You’re still receiving the same show, only now it’s in high definition. The input hasn’t changed, but your ability to perceive the information has changed.

Higher Self signs can be both subtle and powerful. How will you know you are on target? Don’t worry. Your Higher Self will know. You will use your connection to validate what you’ve been given. Don’t be afraid to ask your Higher Self anything you need validated. Doing the MerKaba and using other tools in Maureen St. Germain’s helpful books and videos can help you achieve this. Learn more about the wonderful benefits of integrating this wonderful proactive presence to express the Divine Being you already are. Contact the professional spiritual consultants at the St. Germain Mystery School today.

Merging the Ego with the Higher Self using Maureen St Germain’s 45-Day Protocol

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Using my 45-Day Higher Self Protocol, you will establish a 100% accurate connection with your Higher Self that you will want to follow all the time, even if you think it might be a bad idea. Read on and I’ll explain why.

There are many ideas and belief systems that vilify the ego. Our understanding is that your ego is an integral part of who we are. Understand that your ego is your friend, does a good job, but isn’t always right! Your ego is looking after you. Your ego wants you to be safe and happy. How does the ego do this? It uses the past to evaluate the possible choices in front of you! Spending your life sorting out good or bad may have been useful to you in the third-dimensional version of reality, since it was based on polarity. However, now that we are all moving into 5D pretty regularly, using the old system of categorizing experiences based on their historical impact on you prevents you from being in the present moment and locks you into 3D’s polarity-based grip. Be in the present, and your 5D actions and energies will hold you in alignment there.

You wouldn’t be where you are if your ego was not involved. However, here is the key: We believe that the path to a blissful life is in the integration of the ego with the Higher Self. To do this, the first step is developing a Higher Self connection.

If you follow my 45-day practice, you will get you to 100% accuracy with your Higher Self connection. By doing this you are merging the ego into your Higher Self so that your Higher Self is expressing God’s will. It is a powerful place to be—to be so fully connected that you are always operating from your fifth-dimensional self, or 5-D. Ultimately what you are doing is weaving the Higher Self and the ego together so that your ego wants what your Higher Self offers you, because the benefit is clear. Your practice period gives your ego the proof.

Later, after your practice period is complete and your Higher Self connection is crystal clear, it is okay to not do what your Higher Self tells you. I am laughing as I write this, because when you test this out a few months from now, you will realize that once your Higher Self tells you any answer, you will regret not following it. You will probably choose not to follow your Higher Self only once! I only did this once. I was sorry, too. Furthermore, in all cases that I know of, the Higher Self connection will always insist and persist if it is critical, so no worries there.

Remember, if you do not think you can go either way regarding something your Higher Self tells you to do, then do not ask. This is a perfect indication that you have an attachment to the outcome and that it is not a good Higher Self question for you during your practice time.

Be patient. Sometimes your Higher Self’s signal is very subtle. So be gentle with yourself. It will grow stronger, as will your ability to “sense” it. Eventually, this communication will come through all means and senses (e.g., sound, smell, touch, or a sensation/feeling).

After your practice period, your ego will want to be “best friends” with your Higher Self because it will know and understand that the Higher Self will keep you safe.

Making a Higher Self Connection

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Our Higher Self Connection is the basic key to arriving and staying in our 5D experience. Most of us go through our day-to-day life, operating in a 3D awareness. To rely on our Higher Self Connection, practice with it and understand that it is our opportunity to co-create with God in a marvelous experience and one which will give us a more fulfilled life. Spiritual mystic Maureen St. Germain explains in Waking Up In 5D, how to use this Higher Self Connection to gain knowledge, co-create with God and how to be open and receptive to the Divine Self.

“We use our egos to learn and familiarize ourselves with the world around us. At maturity, the ego is no longer needed but has become so powerful that we continue to rely on it instead of growing our Higher Self awareness. This gives the term ‘growing up’ much greater meaning!” (*Waking Up in 5D p. 225.) In order to grow up, we need to establish and rely on our connection to our Higher Self.

“Within the mind of God is all perfection and all-knowingness. Yet this mind does not contain all the experiences that have yet to be experienced. This is a common misnomer because even the Akashic Records hold probable futures and do not hold all possible futures until there is energy supporting a specific direction.” (**Waking up in 5D p. 225.) By co-creating our experiences with the mind of God, our life becomes much fuller and more joyful.)

Maureen St. Germain channeled from the Akashic Records the following statement: “So we say to you from on high: allow yourself to be open and receptive to the Divine Self–that hidden inner wisdom that represents the version of you that is fully plugged into God to be present and in your consciousness. (*** Waking Up in 5D p. 226.)

Maureen further explains: “Ask for the mind of God to overshadow you, to inspire you, to evolve you. Ask for the mind of God to step in and fill your mind with this deep love that God holds for you. This love will permeate everything about you. It will enable you to let your mind relax, let your ego relax and let the mind of God move through you, through your heart to create your divine expression. This is one way to merge your ego with your Divine Self.” (Waking Up in 5D p. 226.)

Therefore, to connect with our Higher Self, our Divine Self, the self that is in one mind with God, is all powerful and most important to staying in our 5D awareness. Learning to trust that still small voice from our Higher Self will allow us to make good choices and live a life as one with God.

The Power of The Higher Self Connection

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The power of working with one’s Higher Self is the power of working with divine intelligence. This connection is the greatest power we as humans have at our disposal. Maureen St. Germain writes about this connection in both Beyond The Flower of Life and Waking Up in 5D.

“The Higher Self is a version of you that is fully connected to God. It is that part of you that is fully aware of yourself as you and as God. Some call the Higher Self the mediator, but even that implies separateness, which is not real. Your first goal is to communicate with your Higher Self. The next goal is to move your Higher Self presence into your physical body. Then you will be a walking ascended being.” (See Beyond the Flower of Life page 70)

“The Higher Self connection is something you build with a specific practice that, if done with diligence, will not fail you in your time of need. This is more important than programming your MerKaBa” (see Beyond the Flower of Life page 71). Daily we should “tap” into our Higher Self for simple questions, guidance for life’s difficulties or even times when we need a second opinion. Our Higher Self guidance is invaluable and at our beck and call, day, or night.

As Maureen St. Germain explains further in Waking Up in 5D: “We use our egos to learn and familiarize ourselves with the world around us. At maturity, the ego is no longer needed but has become so powerful that we continue to rely on it instead of growing our Higher Self Awareness. This gives the term ‘growing up’ much greater meaning. It’s time to grow up. The obvious conclusion of waking up your Higher Self connection is that your ego and Higher Self can become one will, your God will” (See Waking Up in 5D page 225).

In conclusion, it’s obvious that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The fact we are spiritual beings, makes connection to our Higher Self even more important and valuable as we live our daily lives. “Within the mind of God is all perfection and all-knowingness. Yet this mind does not contain all the experiences.” (see Waking Up in 5D page 225). Use the Higher Self to Co-Create with God and your life will improve immensely and your connection to source will be even more in tune.

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