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The Power of The Higher Self Connection

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The power of working with one’s Higher Self is the power of working with divine intelligence. This connection is the greatest power we as humans have at our disposal. Maureen St. Germain writes about this connection in both Beyond The Flower of Life and Waking Up in 5D.

“The Higher Self is a version of you that is fully connected to God. It is that part of you that is fully aware of yourself as you and as God. Some call the Higher Self the mediator, but even that implies separateness, which is not real. Your first goal is to communicate with your Higher Self. The next goal is to move your Higher Self presence into your physical body. Then you will be a walking ascended being.” (See Beyond the Flower of Life page 70)

“The Higher Self connection is something you build with a specific practice that, if done with diligence, will not fail you in your time of need. This is more important than programming your MerKaBa” (see Beyond the Flower of Life page 71). Daily we should “tap” into our Higher Self for simple questions, guidance for life’s difficulties or even times when we need a second opinion. Our Higher Self guidance is invaluable and at our beck and call, day, or night.

As Maureen St. Germain explains further in Waking Up in 5D: “We use our egos to learn and familiarize ourselves with the world around us. At maturity, the ego is no longer needed but has become so powerful that we continue to rely on it instead of growing our Higher Self Awareness. This gives the term ‘growing up’ much greater meaning. It’s time to grow up. The obvious conclusion of waking up your Higher Self connection is that your ego and Higher Self can become one will, your God will” (See Waking Up in 5D page 225).

In conclusion, it’s obvious that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The fact we are spiritual beings, makes connection to our Higher Self even more important and valuable as we live our daily lives. “Within the mind of God is all perfection and all-knowingness. Yet this mind does not contain all the experiences.” (see Waking Up in 5D page 225). Use the Higher Self to Co-Create with God and your life will improve immensely and your connection to source will be even more in tune.

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