Annual Full Moon “Youthing” Ceremony Replay


Date: Friday September 9, 2022
Time: 7 pm Eastern

The Full Harvest Moon occurred on Saturday, September 10 at 5:59 a.m. Eastern

This event has passed, but you can still benefit from the replay!

The replay is now available. Replay the ceremony once or multiple times to gain the most powerful benefits.

As we age we follow the beliefs and patterns of those around us and in the collective consciousness. As eternal beings, we can claim our ideal physical bodies that do not age in the conventional and earthly way.

This once-a-year class and ceremony will help you release some of the common beliefs and patterns that age you, and will show you how to improve in all areas of the aging process. The result of participating in the ceremony will include not only a youthful physical appearance, but also vitality at a cellular level.

This ceremony comes from an ancient tradition and sacred ritual out of the heart of Africa, and is performed at the Harvest Moon every year. The ancients understood that the fall harvest Moon had a connection to linear time keeping, and allowed you to roll back the hands of time.

At this full moon, the Moon seems to look bigger — and thus closer — to the earth. The ancients saw the Harvest Moon as being so low to the earth that it could bend back upon itself to touch the previous year. Much like the metaphor of timelines being like string that can bend to bring two points together, this belief held that you could bring time to a standstill by merging the year past with the year future — to produce an effect of agelessness.

Maureen has led Fall Harvest “Youthing” Ceremonies for many years, and this ceremony is becoming stronger and more important every year. Every additional year you participate in the ceremony you are integrating the energies of the previous ceremony. Your body elemental and four lower bodies synchronize to this process, and energies are activated, opening the door for physical youthing, at a cellular level, right down to the DNA!

Maureen will be providing tools for being younger every day and a very special Guided Youthing Meditation on the one and only “turn back the clock” day of the year!

You will be amazed how much better and how much younger you will feel!

Maureen uses Obsidian during the ceremony, so you will want to have a piece of Obsidian to use during the ceremony. There are all kinds of Obsidian, and any form of Obsidian will do.

When you sign up for the replay, you’ll receive a coupon for a free Fountain of Youth MP3 download. (30 minutes)
If you already have the Fountain of Youth download, your coupon will work toward any other of Maureen’s guided meditations.


Annual Full Moon “Youthing” Ceremony Replay


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