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AroMandalas-Orion Series® Inspirationz Blend


Memories of extreme altitude, a sapphire-blue lake surrounded by snow-capped peaks, switchbacks on mountain roads, nuns chanting blessings to all beings, monks climbing steep stairs to the monasteries and many more are all evoked through the attributes of this blend. A combination of frankincense, lavender, myrrh, rose, juniper berry, spikenard and Himalayan cedarwood expresses, in essence, our Journey to Tibet – Gateway to Heaven on Earth.


Sounds and Scents

Merging Light with Dark

This meditation is based on the guided meditation that was channeled to the participants of the Egypt Sacred Journey. It’s been re-created for your benefit, and to help you find balance, find appreciation for your darkness and your light, bringing peace, contentment and harmony to you! Titled “Merging your Light and Dark at the Healing Temple of Kom Ombo” or “Merging Light with Dark.”

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