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Beyond the Flower of Life Journal


The Beyond the Flower of Life Journal is intended to accompany the book, Beyond the Flower of Life by Maureen J. St. Germain. Throughout, your God spark will be re-ignited with inspiration to strengthen your heart connection, develop a relationship with your Higher Self, and elevate and program your MerKaBa to manifest success, health, happiness, and higher consciousness. – so you can wake up in 5D!

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We are all capable of living a more fifth dimensional life here on earth. The new edition of Beyond the Flower of Life, combined with this journal’s interactive exercises, provides a path to open your heart by fearlessly embracing unconditional love, forgive yourself and others, access the Higher Self, and activate a multi-dimensional understanding of reality.

This is for anyone who wishes to improve their connection with their divinity. However, just like anything else, we must dedicate time and practice to become the best version of ourselves. This journal will assist you in finding your authentic self, and help change your mind and perceptions, so you can live the life we want, with the highest and best good for all.

Start taking action and see the world around you as the magic unfolds. Transform into the best you! Live your truth. Continue to grow and evolve and help others around you do the same. Why wait, wouldn’t you like to start living a life of heaven on earth each and every day?

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