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Long Distance Feng Shui Consultations by Peg Donahue


Located in NH’s Mt. Washington Valley, Peg works to connect you energetically to the patterns in your space. If you are not in her local area, she can easily work with you on a long-distance basis. You complete a questionnaire and submit a floor plan and photos or short videos of your space. A packet of information is provided to you via email and a 90-minute phone consultation (Facetime and Zoom work too) is scheduled. Over the phone we zero in on the most important areas and action steps you can take, based on your objectives. She provides practical recommendations, along with feng shui cures and adjustments tailored to your needs.

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Feng shui is the practice of arranging your environment to enhance your life. Your home and workspace carry energetic signatures of the events that have taken place there as well as your current thoughts, emotions and intentions. The overall layout of your space, the way your furniture is arranged, the colors you surround yourself with and the art, pictures and treasures you display, all influence what happens in your life.

You can benefit from a long distance feng shui consultation if you:

  • Want a new job or career change
  • Would like to increase your flow of prosperity
  • Desire stronger or more effective relationships
  • Want to attract a partner
  • Want to strengthen your health
  • Would like to alleviate blockages or eliminate clutter
  • Would like to activate your intuition
  • And more …

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