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Release & Reset Guided Meditation MP3 Collection



Activate Your Body Elemental

I have developed this meditation to help you get to know, and utilize, your body elemental. You can make tremendous progress in your physical healing and evolution by working with your body elemental.

My first experience with my body elemental was in a dream in the ‘80s. In this dream there was an exact replica of me, only shorter, following me around, doing everything that I was doing. I called my then teacher, Charlotte, and I relayed my dream. Laughing she replied, “Why that’s your body elemental.” No other explanation was offered.

Over time, I got to know my body elemental, and even named her. I discovered that their job is to run all the automatic systems of your body. It is an elemental being that is created for you by Mother Earth to assist you in your existence on this planet. He or she also pulls programs from Mass Consciousness and integrates all of that information into your physical expressions. He/she tunes into the “energy of all the other humans” and harmonizes and connects you with what is happening on Mother Earth, and helps you fit in.

Fountain of Youth: Volume 1

This is a powerful meditation based on Maureen’s work with quantum physics, intention and crystals. During the meditation, you are guided to use black obsidian to clear and focus new codes into the body. Remarkable! Work with a partner and black obsidian for optimal results.

Fountain of Youth: Volume 2

This is a 7 1/2 minute guided meditation that will Youth you, and Unify you with your Fifth Dimensional Self. It will invigorate and reprogram your divine blueprint. It is coming from the channelled messages in the best-selling book, Waking up in 5D. It is released to you for your benefit and to use daily, and especially during the fall YOUTHING day, when the Ancient African’s believed time stopped and you could roll back the clock!

Mind Mastery for 5D

I’ve created a very special guided meditation called Mind Mastery for 5D. It is a powerful “training” tool which will allow you to create more powerful suggestions to your subconscious mind.

In this 9-minute guided meditation you are training your body to respond to your suggestions. It starts with you repeating after me, in your mind or out loud, so your body elemental (the inner engineer of your physical body system) gets accustomed to listening and following your commands about how the body is to respond.  Why do you want to control your body? Becoming 5th dimensional is dependent upon it. You are learning to control the environment, and the first environment is your own body!

Open Doors 2: Letting Go of Anything

The second in a series of Open Door Meditations. This CD consists of a guided meditation to release anything. It guides you through releasing any type of property or possession, whether it is something tangible like a business, or something intangible, such as a job… anything you are having difficulty releasing. It is written in a way that allows you to insert the name of the thing you are releasing. It is followed by a mantra that relies on YOU to create a clear intention of what you are letting go. Name this after each pause as you fill in the blank. Let your mind fill-in that space with the name of what you are releasing.

Open Doors 3: Letting Go of a Beloved

Excerpted from the Bring in Your Beloved package, this meditation and introduction will help you in a time of transition and change of a relationship.

Sometimes letting go of one thing is needed in order to bring in the next thing.

It’s easy to KNOW you want a happy relationship. But the HOW? Well, that’s what we are here for! In fact, you have come to know us for our ability to help you achieve your heart’s desire! Together, we can achieve it.

Reality Remix

The basis for this Reality Remix meditation is to use the quantum field to help you release regret, and balance out an old experience that were less than satisfactory.

Essentially you are clearing old experiences, old creations, old patterns, and old intentions. These are versions of the past that no longer serve us. At the end, you will create a program for abundance, prosperity, love, and light. This will produce a sensation that is pure bliss. Then I will guide you to create your own programs. We will be mindful to ensure that the new versions we are creating are from a 5D plane, where no polarity exists.

Just like a movie re-make that has better graphics and better effects, you can do the same with your own history. This simple technique I share with you in the Reality Remix Meditation is extremely powerful. Do it once, and experience the results. Then do it every time an “old issue” surfaces and watch the magic.

Reweaving the Fabric of Reality – The Ceremonies

This is the MP3 digital download of the guided ceremonies from Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality.  The download COMES FREE with the purchase of the book. It consists of Opening and Closing Ceremonies for your personal or group meditations, Clearing Curses (2 tracks), and the Unity Breath.

Illuminate App

For more free guided meditations, download Illuminate App” on the App or Google Play stores.

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