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Unify! A Soul Retrieval Meditation


Unify! is a series of guided meditations to guide you through retrieving and remembering all of your lost parts. Now is the time to put yourself all back together!  This meditation contains Soul Retrieval Introduction, Soul Integration Ceremony, Unity Breath and Soul Retrieval Meditation.

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Unify! is a series of guided meditations to guide you through retrieving and remembering all of your lost parts.

This meditation guides you through an amazing set of meditations that allow you to bring back lost parts of yourself. Trauma – from abuse or neglect, an accident, natural disaster, death or disability in the family, sudden hurtful news or any emotional wound or shock that has left a scar can often lead you to split off a chunk of yourself to get through the shock or grief. Now is the time to get yourself all back together!

Why is it important to “get back together?” When you Unify yourself, it becomes possible to accomplish more, to meditate better, and to achieve spiritual goals. It is easier to step back and unhook from mass consciousness programming and to be your authentic self. Everything’s better when you Unify!

What people are saying:

The meditation for the soul retrieval (Unify) was AMAZING!!! During the night as I slept, I had moments of consciousness where I literally recalled myself saying, ‘Oh my God, it’s here, I can feel it!’ This was when the first soul piece came back home ? The next morning I felt as if i had traveled every where but I felt wonderful!

I have been recovering from Post Traumatic Stress that I suffered living overseas in China for a year and a half. I lived in torturous situations and saw things that no one should. These memories have haunted me for over 5 years and I have never felt myself in all that time. Maureen, this week, I began wearing jeans and make-up again!! This may not sound like much, but to someone who has been living in her sweatpants and sweaters for 3 years, this is HUGE!!

I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful and amazing healing that I experienced with this meditation! I learned the MerKaBa from you in Nov 2010 in Calgary which was a tremendous aid for me, and now that I have all my soul pieces back, I feel like I can finally start living my life again. I just had to write you and say, THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU!!! Love, light and many blessings!
– Antonella Borriello, Calgary, AB

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