Connect with Your Higher Self

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Every day, people are saturated with television and radio commercials, as well as social media ads that encourage moving up in the world: reaching a more influential social status, securing a better paying job or buying a bigger house or car. However, an often-neglected area of self-improvement and self-discovery is much more personal. The spiritual part of people must be nurtured, too. Elevating one’s soul can be transformational.

But what is your Higher Self and how can you get there? To connect to Higher Self, you need to open your heart and embrace new possibilities. Developing a Higher Self connection is the one key that will unlock everything else. This part of you is different from lower self that provides intuition yet is tied to your ego/desires. Your lower self is reactive; your Higher Self is proactive. It is ahead of the curve; your lower self is reactive to the curve.

Connecting to Higher Self is a game changer. How can you get there? Higher Self meditation is a practice to aid you to connect. Eventually you will apply this understanding to all you know, and it will greatly expand your loving heart. In short, it will keep you honest—with yourself and with others. When you connect with your Higher Self, you will gain the keys to waking up in 5D. For example, there may be a time when you want to do one thing but are not sure that it’s right. When you choose to check in with your Higher Self, you are given information that may help you choose a different direction, resulting in having a more fifth-dimensional experience.

Of course, being in fifth dimension is a frequency choice. It’s also about using what’s available to assist you when you fall out of the higher frequencies. This means your movement to fifth dimension isn’t a direct arrival. Being there doesn’t guarantee you’ll stay there. Certainly once you’ve been there it becomes easier and easier to reach. If you do move back into third dimension, it’s a movement that will keep oscillating until you can hold the higher frequency all the time.

If you are still wondering what is Higher Self, be confident that as a society, we are collectively being nudged to find a new and different version of ourselves with new and different pathways to solve what is in front of us. You can and must validate it yourself, by developing your own connection. Many times people think they are receiving good Higher Self information, but they just don’t trust it. Your first communication might be in body confirmations. The traditional one (but not the only one) that almost everyone gets is goose bumps or goose flesh. It’s a way for your body to tell you that you are in resonance with the divine version of you, your Higher Self.

Self-reflection, listening to your heart and letting it lead the way, remembering that you are unique, trusting yourself and practicing heart-centered higher self meditation are wonderful ways to get started on this transformational journey. Take the first step and learn more by contacting trusted and respected spiritualist Maureen St. Germain and her Mystery School team.

When studied carefully, many religions reveal common threads. Likewise, some meditations use similar practices. However, there is a profound difference between transcendental meditation and the MerKaBa meditation. Both offer paths to greater peace and less anxiety. The key is understanding some of their significant features that distinguish them from each other.

Transcendental meditation has its roots in the Indian Vedic tradition, closely related to Hinduism. “TM,” as it is often called, is based on silent, repeated mantras—many of which became more well known in the 1960s, when a yoga guru founded and popularized the approach.

MerKaBa meditation, on the other hand, originated from a combination of methods chosen from Hindu, Egyptian, Hebrew, Tibetan, and other traditions for the original 17-Breath meditation. The term ‘merKaBa’ stems from the Hebrew term which means ‘chariot to ride in’ and relates to the throne-chariot of God in prophetic visions. A likeness of a man drives the chariot.

The MerKaBa is a Body of Light or Light Body, activated from a geometric field that exists around the body. Everyone has this field around them, as do planets, solar systems, and other living entities. This means learning it is a remembering experience for humans. Once they have remembered the MerKaBa, they can choose to activate it daily until it becomes permanent. Undoubtedly, it will.

This body of light is fifth-dimensional, which can be remembered and activated. It is not necessary to acquire it, since it is already there. It is from the future of a more advanced version of humanity. This, combined with the Christ Consciousness Grid around the earth, ensures Ascension.

MerKaBa meditation technique uses 17 distinct breaths. Accompanying each of the 17 breaths are mudras, or meditative hand gestures, which serve distinct purposes, such as creating balance with oneself and within oneself. MerKaBa meditation is guided and can be learned by anyone with practice. Certain moments during the practice, for example at breath 14, are ideal spots in which to find one’s Higher Self. Each step of the meditation brings people closer and closer to finding the best possible version of themselves, leaving the three-dimensional world and experiencing the 5th dimension to start.

One of the many exciting benefits of MerKaBa meditation is traveling with the MerKaBa. This does not mean moving from one planet to another, but much more. It is moving within a global energy field that does not belong to time and space but works as a kind of geometric reference for outer manifestation. Once understood, it allows complete freedom to move about in consciousness.

This means the MerKaBa puts individuals perfectly in touch with the third-dimensional and fifth-dimensional reality in such a way that they always know what they need to know when they need to know it. Moreover, it supports them to manifest easily.

World-respected teacher, author and spiritual consultant Maureen St. Germain has written books, traveled the world and coached countless people in MerKaBa meditation and its benefits. Contact the St. Germain Mystery School to learn more about how to get started.