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Sacred Geometry – The Design of Life

The whole of life is built upon a sacred plan created by the Divine. The very essence of life from the beginning, has a mathematical plan, a spark, and a design. “Understanding Sacred Geometry will greatly aid your abilities to shift and adjust to the fifth-dimensional you,” explains Maureen St. Germain in her book Waking Up In 5D.

Maureen St. Germain further explains: “Sacred geometry, the study of mathematical ratios, harmonics, and proportion, can be found throughout the cosmos in music, light, and design.” ** The golden mean or phi is one of the ratios most significant throughout nature. It can be found in the DNA spiral, bones, plants, and celestial bodies.

According to Waking Up In 5D (page 87), “discovering divine expressions of sacred proportion throughout nature unlocks and activates codes in you that allow you to access your divine wisdom.” ** “Accessing this information will aid your progress in becoming fifth dimensional. Looking at mandala art, learning about sacred geometry, or using it in meditation are just a few of the powerful uses of the magical study. It is an essential aspect of the Classic 17 breath MerKaBa Meditation.”

In fact, one of Maureen St. Germain’s best attended courses in 2021 was her class on the Divine Feminine part of her 6-part Sacred Geometry series. This course will be offered again in December 2021, if this is of interest to you.

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