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St. Germain Mystery School – Expanding Consciousness

St. Germain Mystery School Logo

It is my deep pleasure at this time to announce the launch of St. Germain Mystery School, based on the teachings that have come through me over the last 30+ years. This is a new opportunity for you to grow and share with others.

This new umbrella organization is meant to encompass all my educational and training programs offered through Transformational Enterprises Inc., Akashic Records International and To celebrate this milestone, we have a new logo, communicating our legacy brands such as the Flower of Life, the MerKaBa and mystery school trainings.

Our mission is to assist in higher consciousness expansion and greater spiritual awareness – through education. It is our hearts’ desire to expand our offering of metaphysical and spiritual workshops, webinars and classes, in person and online.

Since 1995 I have focused on providing you with practical yet spiritual solutions to issues that confront us in our daily lives. Known as the Practical Mystic, my passion is facilitating spiritual knowledge for contemporary life. As founder of St. Germain Mystery School, I am excited to support and encourage you in your personal expansion and spiritual awakening for years to come.

Please watch this video of Maureen’s personal story.

The Ascension Institute, the top-tier immersive program with destination retreats and extensive training in Higher Self and 5D mastery, is now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 program. This year-long intensive with me, Maureen St. Germain, is designed exclusively for you, a serious student of spiritual growth. You will learn powerful techniques to handle big emotions, as well as life altering meditations and techniques to expand your consciousness.

St. Germain Mystery School also has some amazing workshops coming up. Clearing Team member, Dave the Mystic, premiers the workshop series, Understanding Entities and What to Do About Them, on Zoom March 12th and 26th. The next workshop for Akashic Records – Level 1 and 2 Fast-Track, to learn to open one’s personal records (level 1) and the records of others (level 2) is scheduled for March 8-11. I urge you to check our events schedule periodically. We will be offering some exciting workshops and opportunities in the coming months.

My life’s work is to assist you in becoming the highest you can be in any given moment. First and foremost, I consider myself a teacher, and I am I’m honored to have taught in 24 countries. My fool-proof Higher Self Connection method has become the cornerstone of all of my teachings.

As a clear channel to Source, I am continuously developing and introducing new methods that will help you connect with your own wisdom channel, and inspire your spiritual awakening. A lifelong interest in the Akashic Records resulted in my being granted access to this dimension that has been off limits to most of humanity for eons. I am grateful to be a best-selling, award-winning author. My books have been translated into 12 languages worldwide, with more to come. Stay tuned for my newest book, Mastering Your 5D Self: Tools to Create a New Reality, being released in April 2022, and currently available for pre-sale on Amazon.

This Month’s Free Download is:
Multi-Dimensional 5D MerKaBa
The 5D MerKaBa is an extension of the original MerKaBa
If you have been doing the Original 17-Breath MerKaBa, this is a real extension of that activity.
If you haven’t done that – and want to do this one – be forewarned that it may cause you to go
into a healing crisis of a spiritual nature. Please do get help, or guidance if you encounter any
difficulties. For sure, consider moving slowly!
You can learn about and purchase the Original 17-Breath MerKaBa here: The Original MerKaBa
On Sale for $49 $29 for the month of March!
What’s in the 5D MerKaBa recording?
The actual meditation consists of a brief introduction and then guided instructional meditation
by me, (Maureen) and then a voice activation by Janiece. Each of those parts are about 15
minutes each. Many of our early testers have been giving us wonderful feedback on how it is
affecting them, their experiences and their work with it.
Some of the reports included the increased ablility to see, know and hear what they needed
to hear. In all cases, the “gifts of spirit” are activated and flowing. You may want to turn off your
wireless router at home – if you’ve got one – because for some it became painful while it was on.
At our house – we put our router on a timer – so it’s not even on – during our sleep time! That
helped a lot.
You’ll also be able to see the thinning of the veils of manifestation – and laugh more. Remember,
this is one of the many tools brought forward by spirit.
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