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Akashic Records on a Crematorium

by Michele Molloy

Michele Molloy – Akashic Records Guide

I’m an Akashic Records Guide. I’m also a designer of spaces. My purpose was investigative – I wasn’t expecting what happened to me, while I toured a crematorium with a group of business colleagues. Much to my surprise, I sensed the presence of someone feeling very sad and alone.

The process in a Crematorium

The tour guide graciously brought us into the crematorium to explain, in factual detail, the process. The attendant was working, observing the control panel from his office and periodically stepping into the large room where the cremation chamber is housed, to routinely check on the process. In his very methodical manner with his white lab coat attire, he stepped forward to answer our questions. It came time to clean the chamber and prepare for the next cremation which he described scientifically. Respectfully, he told us in advance of the next opening of the chamber, and what (body) remains we would see and gave us a moment to step out of the room if we wanted to do so. I stayed and observed.

Freezer to Fire

The next step, he explained, was to bring the next body from the freezer to the chamber. Again, he paused to let those people on the tour leave if they wanted to. Again, I stayed, feeling a sense of reverence for the event, but also feeling that this was a very private and personal process.

He then opened the large room-sized freezer and brought out the next body to be cremated. At that very moment, I knew that the person whose body it belonged to was still hanging around in spirit, and observing the process with us. I was struck by her profound sadness and loneliness. I felt I was now witness to a deeply personal human experience so much so that I had somehow invaded someone’s privacy. I called on ArchAngel Michael and guides to assist this being at this time. I was so overwhelmed by this experience that I stepped out to the observation room where I could see the process but the view into the cremation chamber itself was obscured.

The technician seemed to me to be very accurate and methodical, yet overlaid with a deep respect for the process he performed, repeatedly, daily, on and on. I wondered how does he do this and not get careless or apathetic over time?I brought this question before the Akashic Record Keepers and Guides. Their answer was very reassuring.

The Record Keepers explained “that a ritual of burial is essential to assist the being to let go of the body.” The ritual of burial they referred to was the living humans ritual of prayers or chants or singing intended to assist the one who has passed away to find peace and continue on his or her journey in the afterlife. The crematorium had a large space in front of the chamber where people often do gather to pay their respects and observe the cremation of a loved one. On this day I had witnessed this deceased person who was alone, without the presences of a family or ritual at the time of cremation.

I asked the Record Keepers, “How does the cremation attendant serve the needs of the beings whose bodies he puts so reverently in the cremation chamber?” I was instantly shown a hologram of the process. He was surrounded by angels very closely, compacted behind him. They were moving his arms with his permission and his agreement to be of service in the moment of transition for each being. The instant the flame envelops the physical body, the spirit being ‘lets go’ very rapidly – instantaneously – so the angels are there to assist, just as they are there at the moment of physical death, after the being is “pushed out” of the physical body. This cremation moment is the surgical severance of the cord, and force is felt by the being as if they were shot out into the vacuum of space. The Record Keepers showed me that the humans who pray, sing or chant at this moment assist the “birth” just as midwives assist the baby “coming down the chute” to take their first breath. It is this human ritual that “lubricates” the quick transition and acts as an anesthesia for the emotional body to let go without distress.

Never alone

I left the crematorium with a deep sense for respect for the technician with his angels and with a sense of gratitude to the deceased being who let herself be known to me even in her private sadness. The Record Keepers assured me that there are Beings who attend each and every human juncture at the time of severance of the cord, and that no human is truly alone at this transition.

Release of the Cord

I was also deeply impressed by the Record Keepers explanation for the benefit of the human ritual to honor this transition of the severance of the cord, which may not always occur at the time of physical death. The Record Keepers explain, “Because this ritual affirms the continuity of the spirit on his or her journey which is based on their soul’s purpose, while it also connects the surviving humans more closely to their own life’s purpose. The whole process is very multi-dimensional.” I am honored to have witnessed it.

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