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Asking my Akashic Records – Which Website Designer to Choose?

By Gail Lash, PhD, an Akashic Records Guide

I’ve been meaning to update my website for ages. It is stuck in the past, not mobile-friendly, with old offerings and extraneous content.  I like its cool design template and style, but it is created using Rapid Weaver, which means that all website files are housed on my personal computer. This means that I can’t hand it off to someone else to update or redesign over the Internet – it has to be me, sitting at my computer.

And clearly, I haven’t taken time to do this.

I look at my budget and calendar, and determine that I can afford to hire a web designer who, once and for all, will bring this “past-life” website into present time. I envision many beautiful, new, current, and easy to navigate business web pages!

Decision time comes.  I know I want to switch to WordPress, a universal program, so that anyone (including me) could update my site using the Internet, from anywhere, at any time.

But who am I to choose?

I research and narrow the field down to two candidates: 1) as synchronicity would have it, Hostgator, my web hosting company, emails me to say, “Let us build your website – call for consultation”, and 2) my business coach suggests his web designer, whom he praises greatly.

I talk with both. Both are qualified. The costs are similar. I trust my coach and, by extension, his designer. And I like Hostgator and their service. It is a toss-up! I list pros and cons. I consult my Higher Self. Which to choose? I need more clarity.

I realize that this is a perfect opportunity for me to open my Akashic Records and ask this question of my Record Keepers!

As always, I get more than I bargain for. My Record Keepers have all the answers. In detail. With flourish. With background reasoning. They include things I don’t think of. They confirm what’s in my heart and inner knowing. They clarify the decision. J

In their Opening Remarks, they say:

“You have thought about this matter sufficiently and thoroughly, Gail, and the heart of the matter is who you trust, who do you feel good with, who do you want to develop a relationship with? For either choice is a good choice, as they have the skills to go forward, but it is really about with whom you wish to lay your “baby” in their hands?  For your website is your baby; it is your business, your love. It is what you put out there to the world, your message and how people find you. So, we invite you to look at these two choices. You’ve already said that the advantage of Hostgator is that you could get three months worth of free hosting with your new account. They are a bit cheaper than your coach’s web designer. But you do not know them – they are not a personal relationship. So you lean towards your mentor’s web designer because you have an established relationship. And yet there is this doubt in your mind as to whether that will continue.

“Now this is a time of change in the world – where new beginnings are happening. In fact this day, today, is an eclipse, and eclipses are timed so that the heavens send a bolt of lightening energetically to instigate getting rid of the old and bringing in the new.  So we wish you to consider that the time with your coach is almost over, and even though you’ve done great work together, and this is a relationship that is very solid and trustworthy, but (and we say but) even though this could be very successful (his designer building your website), that this is not a relationship of the future, it is a relationship of the past.

“Once you understand in looking forward, you are actually in a much brighter energy, a much more ‘new-beginnings’ energy if you go with Hostgator, because you would start your own new business hosting plan, and in this marketing contract, will have them for several months after the new website is created, to work with their marketing team. From there you can always hire them to continue the marketing or to help you in any way you choose, which is not an option with the other designer and their potential.

“So at this point we are answering your question that either choice is possible and good, and yet one is an older energy and finite relationship, and one is a newer energy and relationship going forward. We will stop here and be open to your questions.”

First question I ask, “How can I be certain that Hostgator will give me what I desire in the website?”

The Record Keepers tell me that the creation is MINE, and that I know what it will look like in my heart – it all resides in my heart.  It is incumbent on ME to take that vision to Hostgator, and it is my responsibility to work with the designer to make sure it’s right, in detail. It is not for them to put it together – it is for me to put it together.  It is my work. Their skills will then implement what I want. [This is the essence of their longer message.]

Next I ask, “How can I resolve the guilt I feel for not choosing my coach’s web person as my designer?”

To summarize, the Record Keepers tell me that it is not about guilt – that is a past energy of wanting to please other people, and wanting to keep those relationships going that maybe have run their course. Not that I am done with the business coach yet, but choosing a website designer is a business decision. They encouraged me to step into my business persona, run my “male” focused energy and not the “female” nurturing energy with this decision. It is about stepping into my power. I am paying for the service, and this is about business, not about trying to please someone based on that relationship.

Lastly, I ask, “Am I to do this now, during Mercury Retrograde?”

The Record Keepers clarify that anything beginning with ‘re’ is actually enhanced by Mercury retrograde, like redesigning the website, republishing it, researching new ways, etc. They remind me that I’ve actually been working on this idea of rebuilding the website in new ways for quite some time now, so that this choice of designer and moving forward is just a continuation of these past efforts.  Yes, is the conclusion of their more in-depth answer.

Wow. I certainly learned a lot from my Akashic Record Keepers!  I now feel clear, centered, and certain about my choice. I call Hostgator. I sign up. I get started with their marketing person and my new web designer. I write a short note of gratitude to my business coach. I move forward to new beginnings. I am excited!

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