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Become An Akashic Records Guide

Learning to access the Akashic Records is equivalent to meeting the “Library of Your Soul.” The Akashic Records holds all your thoughts, words, emotions, and intents for the past, present, and possible or probable futures. Meeting your Akashic Guides and solving your inner most concerns is one of the most profound experiences you will ever encounter. You will learn to be in touch with their Higher Self, to improve your channel the wisdom from the record keepers and spirit guides. The Akashic Records International, Inc holds periodic training sessions for those interested in being guides for both themselves and others. All new guides are given extensive training and a Code of Ethics they must agree to. All new guides must complete mandatory trainings, conduct 25 practice sessions and a “final exam” with a member the review team by opening and channeling the answers to the reviewer’s personal questions.

Akashic Records Guide

So, what are the qualifications for becoming an Akashic Records guide for others? As Maureen St. Germain explains: “You must be a person who cares deeply about serving yourself, the others, and humanity.” Becoming an Akashic Records guide requires integrity, truth and most of all, the willingness to be a conduit with the records for your clients. Accessing the records for a client can be both an experience filled with joy and an experience to relay the basic truths of life. Opening the Akashic Records for others is for those who want to contribute to the well being of the client and humanity as a whole. It is very satisfying being able to help others this way. Those who desire to become an Akashic Records guide, should investigate further by going to and click on the link for the Akashic Records. Information for up-coming classes is available in 2022.
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