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Birthdays and Karma

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The flow of life is not linear; it’s spiral. Like a circle, the curve moves into a new position directly above its starting point, as it reaches around each starting point. Like your birthday, that circles around your date of birth, annually, there are changes and aspects of you that allow you to renew and revisit old ideas and events in a new, and more evolved way.
Your birthday is a very special time, and you may wish to ask for your gifts from the Ascended Masters. This is a very special allowance that will give you the added boost you may need to elevate up! And I’ve been told, by my guides, many times, don’t work so hard! Get help, by asking the Ascended Masters and your angels for help daily! See my blog post on Birthdays.

One thing that amazes me, is this cyclic nature of the universe. We can elevate up faster, when we allow it. Every state of brokenness will ultimately evolve to a state of wholeness. Many people tend to perceive unfolding events of their life as a series of isolated, disconnected freeze-frames. You may have believed that whatever was to happen would just happen unto itself, without any sequential connection to what happened before it. BUT now, if you will look, you will see many connections that have led you to this point in time!

Remember, the flow of life is not linear; it’s a spiral, even though you may think of it as circular. Therefore, every state of incoherence will ultimately evolve to a state of coherence! We have tools to aid this, (the Intention Disc). Don’t let the dysfunction of yesterday, or last year hold you back!

It’s time to step up, into 5D. It’s time to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. If you have been following me, you know that I’ve been saying since 1995 that there is no more Karma. You’ve heard me repeat the words of Sanat Kumara from a few years ago, The game is over. The game will end when there are no more players. Will you be the first to leave or the last?

What could this possibly mean? It means that the 5D world is ready and waiting for us. It means we are using choice instead of blame. It means we are transferring power back to individuals, ourselves in particular, so we don’t play victim any more. Remember every time you say, “I have to…” you reinforce your lack of power.

Decide, today, to own your choices, and to use your words powerfully, I choose, It makes me happy when, I want to… The “have to” language surrenders your power to whomever will readily take it! There seems to be plenty of inappropriate use of power today.

Sometimes I get questions… like, If there’s no more Karma, and people can do (bad things), what difference does it make? Why can’t I do those things? Well you can, but then you are stuck in 3D! So, the reason to release your own Karma, and give up score keeping is that it allows you to step into 5D where there is an abundance of everything you need. If you are watching everyone around you (score keeping) you are not focused on your own evolution into higher planes of existence.

If they can do that, why can’t I?  Well you can, but then you’re still playing in 3D, which binds you to the rules of the 3D game. If your neighbor – behaves badly, will you return in kind? What will you do when faced with obnoxious behavior? Keeping score knocks you back into 3D… the only 5D choice is to “leave the game.” You literally choose to walk away from the “game.” Making this choice, a free will choice, allows you to step into the richness of 5D.

One final question comes from one of my followers: What can you share about those whom have recently departed the physical body within the last few years – Is reincarnation still going on or not since 3D is ending?  There is a “trap” of seeing a façade of family members calling you to them. It’s easy to go to the light they seem to be coming from. However, choosing to go back to God will pull you out of that cycle of reincarnation. That’s a choice you get, after you die!

Remember the words of Sanat Kumara said, “The game (of 3D) is over. It will end when there are no more players. Will you be the first to leave or the last?”

Many more adventures await us in many dimensions and many worlds!

This Month’s Featured Download is:
This Month’s Featured Download is:
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Birthdays with Ascended Masters
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