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Did you miss it? Breaking the silence! – Breakthroughs to Higher Dimensions

Did you miss it? The Practical Mystic radio show last week, I covered some very important information that came in while I was in Asia.  It’s been an incredibly intense integration. So many important things happened while I was away. The most important – is that my workshops included the experience of the Ascended Masters speaking directly to the audience through me. Although I’ve channeled the ascended Masters for quite some time, I’ve not done this publicly, but that’s just what happened. We had tons of confirmations to validate the information coming through.

The Lords of Time gave very specific instructions on how to work with time and how to alter time. The implications are astounding!

Kim Baron and I discussed extensively what has been transmitted in Asia on my radio show. The presence of these Ascended beings was so profound and confirmed beyond a shadow of doubt, due to some amazing synchronicity’s that clearly establish their presence. My travel partner, Jennifer, has been in China many times. And on my first day of opening she saw angels. At lunch she reported this to me and said, “Maureen, I have never seen angels in my life. Really, I questioned? What did they look like?” She gave a rueful smile and said, I don’t remember. And at that moment made the decision that when the visions came and she would start to draw them right away. As a trained artist this was an easy task for her. Check out my blog for more information and to see the drawings.

The first day of a channeled message Jennifer drew an Egyptian high priestess long before the announcement that Sekhmet was coming through. The same thing occurred with Archangel Michael and Sanat Kumara. She was drawing them from her visions during opening invocations before I was announcing whom it was that would be speaking! Many important messages were given. One of the more amazing messages came through a group of beings known as the Lords of Time.

The Lords of Time gave very specific instructions on how to work with time and how to alter time. The implications are astounding! We will give you access to that sound file (of toning) so you can do it yourself at home. We will give you detailed instructions on how to do it and how to use it for yourself. Find the complete messages in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, along with the toning download here.

If you missed it,  use this link. This was a live show and  our callers questions were answered. Next month, let us answer YOUR questions! Mark your calendar, for the second Tuesday of the month, November 9, 5 PM EST. Call us with your questions!  Looking forward to talking to you soon.

Love, Maureen

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