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Calling in the Dragons

“I hope that your dragon will teach you his or her name. Just never reveal that to anyone. Having the name of your dragons, means you can call them in, and the dragons are inviting you to do so.”
~ From Call in Your Dragons Meditation

With all these changes on Earth today there can be false starts, misdirections, ambiguity, and uncertainty. The dragons stand for clear seeing. Looking at word meanings, we find that in both the East and the West, dragon comes from the root word to see clearly. Thus, the dragons bring clarity, they stand for unlimited possibilities, and who doesn’t need more possibilities?

I now introduce you to the dragons and serendipities, otherworldly beings who have come into the reality to assist humanity in the process of ascension! Were dragons only mythological creatures? I doubt it, since there are so many artistic renderings of them from all over the world found in our museums. They were revered and tamed. Today, the dragons have returned to help humans find their true authentic selves.

Why They Are Here

The dragons are from a life wave that has not been known to us. They carry wisdom and understanding in many esoteric categories. One area of expertise is their knowledge of the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. This means they can help you with all kinds of understanding about how to work with the elements, and all the expressions of the elements such as water undines, air sylphs, fiery salamanders, earth fairies, gnomes, and elves.

How Do You Call in Your Dragons?

I know this is beginning to sound like a fantasy—but please do not ignore your dragons’ assistance. Instead, prove me wrong. Ask for your dragons to come forth and watch for the signs that they are there. They love to be called and will show up for you, in your dreams, in the clouds, or elsewhere. Ask for their assistance. Get quiet and ask for your dragons to be present and then ask for their names. Use what name pops into your head immediately. From that point forward call them by name. You can have more than one dragon and they can be of either gender.

Once you have a dragon’s name, you may summon it and give it requests. It has adopted you as its human and is attracted to you for your specific purposes. Never give the names of your dragons to anyone unless you totally trust that person to respect and honor the names.

When your dragons generously share their names with you, it is akin to offering their services, because now you may invite them in by name, seeking their help! And they do love it when you need them and call to them for help!

You can add the dragons to your collection of tools to help you navigate the very challenging world in front of you. You can ask your dragons to search out and bring to you helpers or resources to assist your projects. Even more importantly, the dragons can help you recognize the truth as it is spoken to you. The dragons are both symbolic and real when they appear in a dream. They are fourth dimensional elementals with their own intelligence and programs of service. They have returned to the Earth at this time to help humanity. Their purpose is related to communications, travel, and finding both your physical and metaphysical way. 

Optimizing Your Dragons

Why do we need their help? The dragons are back to help us see clearly! You don’t need dragons to do this for you, of course, if you have an activated MerKaBa and a solid Higher Self connection. But who couldn’t use a little extra help? Many of us, even with these skills, have come to rely upon the dragons for miracles, wisdom, and clarity of every kind. You can, too.

You can ask them to “take over the driving” or help you see and understand what you haven’t seen or what you need to see. You can ask them to help you get where you are going. I always ask for help for the oncoming traffic as well as the traffic going my way. Why not? I’m calling in their help and they love to do it!

Recently, my husband and I were driving down a very busy Seattle street and I could see wall-to-wall cars in busy traffic everywhere. We could see that the interstate below us, as well as the road we were on, were both jammed with cars. I looked at my husband who was driving and said, “We need to call the dragons!” So much heavy traffic everywhere! So, I called on our dragons by name. We asked for them to help us and help everyone around us so that everyone would get where they needed to go with grace and ease. Within a few minutes, my husband spontaneously Commented, “I have never seen or driven through all these green traffic lights straight away with no obstacles.” (This was for at least twenty lights!) And all the lights ahead of us were still green as well! As he said this, I said to myself and then out loud to him, “It must be the dragons!”

I’m also getting more and more feedback from clients who are thanking me for alerting them to the dragons’ help. In one example a customer had a dream before she knew me that was actually trying to “wake her up” to the dragons’ help. She originally was feeling very sorry for herself. Without knowing why, in our brief exchange, I suggested she work with her dragons. Here is her response:

“It is interesting you mentioned dragons. A few months ago, I had a dream. I was in a very colorful, magical place where there were many dragons of many different colors. I was standing in the valley where two dragons came to meet me, one black and one white. I was standing in the middle of the two, reaching my hands out to each of them. People that were nearby were whispering that these dragons had never let anyone touch them before. I woke up soon after that.”

My interpretation of her dream is that she needs to equally embrace the light and the dark. This is a message we can all use. So dear heart, know that you can, you must, call on your dragons to harness incredible power tailored just for you. They are back because the need for human discernment is greater than ever.

A Dragon Tale from Kelley Knight

My dear friend Kelley Knight sent me this most felicitous letter that I want to share with you. Check out Kelley’s website at

I wanted to tell you a little more about the Dragons and Rennes le Chateau and the ceremony we did there. All summer long information was coming in about Dragons. I was getting that we were going to activate something in the ley lines there and in ourselves.  

What was really interesting is that I was getting that somehow the ley lines there were “central” to ley lines connecting to sacred sites all over the world. 

And then I stumbled onto an old video interview of Elizabeth Van Buren and she was describing to the interviewer, that the ley lines at Rennes le Chateau are a sort of ground zero and the central heart connecting to powerful points and sacred sites all over the planet, basically the same information I was getting. 

She passed in 2011, so who knows, maybe she was sending me the information. She talked about that area being very important when the “Apocalypse” happens. And then that evening was when Gaia Portal came out with “Enter the Dragons”. 

Anyway, I also knew that a lot of the trip wouldn’t make sense until we got back. And it has continued to unfold. I sense we activated the Dragon aspect within ourselves, along with those ley lines.


Dragons Appearances

And here are two dragons that made themselves known to me on my recent teaching trip to China.

dragon appearing in a cloud over Hong Kong

As a friend’s plane arrived in Hong Kong, this is what he saw from his window! I chatted with him extensively about dragons and how important they are to all of us. He took it in with a generous heart, but also with some doubt. I think he was being shown the truth.

meteorite in the shape of a dragon
This is a meteor that had apparently landed nearby, in Xi’an. It was on display at a hotel where I had dinner one night with some friends. I took one picture as I approached it coming into the hotel, and one on my way out. It was on my way out that I realized that this meteor was actually a dragon!

Call In Your Dragons Meditation

The Dragon Meditation was written and produced while I was in the “Dragon City” of Qi’an, China, where reportedly the original ET dragons arrived.

Use this guided meditation to call into service your own dragons! Once you have a dragon’s name you may summon it and give it requests. It has adopted you as its human, and is ready to be of service!

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