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Caution – the “Busy Time of Year” is Upon Us!

Once again, as the end of the year approaches, we wonder where all the time went this year! We wonder how did it get to be November already! Our experiences of time indeed are changing. It is a way to “control time” of the masses. Really? Yes!

You are not alone feeling this way. Aside from the obvious manipulation there is so much more to do with your available time! How do you use your time? So many choices, so little time!

Recreational time is super important because it recharges your “batteries,” and helps you bring more creativity, light and joy into your life. Some clients in the Akashic Records are told – their job is to recreate – to have fun, and help others to do the same! Certainly, this part of life is essential, just like sleep. For workaholics like me, it’s even more important.

What about how we use time when no one is looking? Do we goof off? Yes, sometimes, but can you remind yourself of your promises to your family, friends, co-workers about project deadlines and opportunities to share. As much as you may wish for more “free time,” you may have missed an opportunity if you allow time to always loom strongly in your awareness.

Time isn’t stagnant like we’ve come to believe, but fluid, like a river. It can flow fast or slow, it can push you and pull you along. However, I have found that it is possible to manipulate time, to work with time, bend it, stretch it, to accomplish what I’ve set out to do by “not resisting,” and instead, insisting that I do have control over my time, and I CAN manipulate time – for my benefit. After all, we are co-creators of this universe. Someone or something may control the “rules” but once we know how to operate within them, then we are free to manipulate, change, accept and reject the reality we’ve co-created. Remember, you DO have the power!

More than ever, I’ve learned that some individuals have a bigger connection to time than others. Some individuals let time control them, others control time. Which are you? Do you want to change roles and control time instead of having it control you?

Some basic things that I like to recommend to help you move into a zone of “controlling time” are, letting go of wearing a watch, looking at the clock on your phone, and worrying about “not having enough time.” Another way we can adversely manipulate time is through our fear and worry. Fear is about the future, worry is about the past. This is important to understand because both are perversions of “time” and are based on our ability to remember or to project and have nothing to do with being in the present moment.

How would you know you are doing this? When you tell your sad story more than three times, you are giving more weight to the experience of the past time, instead of participating in the now time. How do you spend your present? It’s really all we have anyway. Yes we have our memories, but even those fade with the passage of time!

We keep trying to find our new normal, and get out of the phase we’ve been in for the past 2 years. Having more time due to doing practically everything from home has given you a fresh look at what you care about, and how you manage your time. Make sure you grow and benefit from this knowledge, as you step into your new present.

This Month’s Featured Audio
The Golden Time Meditation
The Golden Time Meditation is an amazing opportunity for you to elevate yourself and your family members to the most evolved expression.
This Month’s Featured Audio The Golden Time Meditation The Golden Time Meditation is an amazing opportunity for you to elevate yourself and your family members to the most evolved expression. I’d like to share with you our experiences as I developed this meditation, and received feedback from the beta testers of this meditation, to help you know and understand what was given. A few people found the mention of the “luciferian energies” uncomfortable. We took their feedback into the Akashic Records and were advised, that all who felt uncomfortable, or felt that it was a “downer” while they were in this golden place, may still be in judgment. The record keepers encouraged us to stay out of judgment of darkness, and simply see it as a false expression. This is because when you are without judgment you would simply look at those energies to be avoided not as a negative charge.
We also want to emphasize the Golden Seeds, that you will be procuring from your home galaxy or home planet are extremely important. The seeds of light you are being asked to plant on the earth are to be planted by you, in your mind’s eye. You may plant them wherever you wish. Some people are planting them in their hometowns, some people are planting them in strategic places, or important cities that they care about. Each time you do this – the gift of the golden seeds is to be planted, to help bring more light to the earth. It matters not where you plant your golden seeds of light. You may plant new seeds each time you do this meditation. The important thing to realize is that we are building an incredible grid of light that connects mother earth to the Christ consciousness grid that surrounds the earth stabilizing the earth with the galactic family mastery.
Many people have found that they are very attracted to all of the golden meditations and they are doing these in a cycle, where they might do one or two of them each day moving through them which anchors more light into each of them as a network. I hope you will enjoy this meditation!
A Recent Review of Golden Time Meditation
Maureen, thank you so much for the Golden Time Meditation. It has become my ‘go to’ tool for immediate stress relief, centering, ‘going quiet’ in the 5D, staying above duality and polarity and surrendering to my soul, higher self and God Within. I have recommended it to many of my clients who also benefit from using it.
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