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Connecting To Your Higher Self

Connecting to our Higher Self is the cornerstone of our ascension into 5D awareness.  Achieving and maintaining ones 5Dconsciousness requires relying on our Higher Self for all the answers we seek daily.  How do we connect?  How do we begin this connection and keep it?  These questions are answered by reading Maureen St. Germain’s books Waking Up in 5D and, Beyond the Flower of Life.  Maureen writes extensively about this subject but for the purpose of this blog, we will explore how to connect and why.

Connecting to our Higher Self is basically relying on teaching yourself to recognize yes and no signals which comes from the still small voice or what instinctively comes to us during prayer and meditation.  According to Maureen St. Germain, “The Higher Self is a version of you that is fully connected to God.  It is that part of you that is fully aware of yourself as you and as God.”  “Your first goal is to move your Higher Self presence into your physical body.  Then you will be a walking ascended being.”

In the Beyond The Flower of Life book, it state, “The Higher Self connection is something you build, with a specific practice that if done with diligence, will not fail you in your time of need. This is more important than programming your MerKaBa.” Once you program your MerKaBa however, you will begin to connect with your Higher Self.  For 45 days, begin asking your Higher Self simple yes or no questions that require simple yes or no answers.  The answers will come and will not fail you.  As you move forward after those 45 days, you may ask harder more complex questions then, open your mind to the answers you receive.  Those answers will move into you and be the truth. The process will become easier with relaxed practice.  Do this daily, and you’ll never be disappointed.

As Maureen St. Germain explains: “If you attempt to program your MerKaBa without the Higher Self connection, you will fail miserably and can cause considerable damage to yourself and others.  Programming the MerKaBa without Higher Self endorsement for each and every program is a form of black magic.  After your have established direct communication with your Higher Self, you will be able to integrate more of your Higher Self into your physical form.  This is the goal of Ascension.  When you do this, you are claiming your roots.  You are claiming your heritage as a Divine Being.”

Therefore, begin to explore and discover your Higher Self connection.  Learn the MerKaBa and enjoy your new life in 5D awareness.  You will find your relationships with others will change and most importantly, your relationship with yourself will change, all for the better.  The road to enlightenment through our Higher Self connection, is the true road to a better and more productive life.

To learn more about the topics in this article, read Beyond the Flower of Life (pages 70-72) by Maureen St. Germain at

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