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Corey Goode & his Mind Meld

(Re-posted from Maureen St. Germain website)

mt_shasta_ftThere has been a lot of good intel coming from the TV show Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock. This show features information based on the experiences of a former Super Secret Space Program member, Corey Goode.  If you are not watching this show, you might consider it.  I’ve been onboard for a couple of years. Initially, my husband (a PhD scientist) who does not watch TV, balked. “I’m not paying $9.99 a month for an internet TV show!” I just laughed and said, “Ok, watch it for one month with me, on my iPad and if you don’t agree with me, then I’ll watch it by myself again.” He’s now such a huge fan, he’s even bought a large screen TV for our living room, to watch it along with other Gaia network shows.

Mt. Shasta event

We attended an event last summer, in Mt. Shasta, about this subject. There were a number of great speakers, including Corey Goode who made his solo debut. At this event, he shared much about his experiences that he had already revealed on the TV show with David Wilcock. However, there was a very significant question and answer segment that was a real eye-opener, for at least one person, me. I saw and felt a dimensional shift. This is not the first time I’ve experienced one, but the first time I saw someone else’s dimensional shift. (I’ve been having them for a few years now!)

Remembering who he was

Corey was explaining how he came to be involved in the release of information about the Secret Space Program (SSP). He took questions about his experiences recalling his “discovery” of memories of who he was in the SSP and why they even bother with “blank slating” a member of the program. Blank slating it a term to explain that your memories have been erased, much like you may have seen in the movie Men in Black where something happens that is “outside” of normal experiences, and the secret agents use a laser like device aimed at your forehead to make you forget (although that’s not what happens in reality).

Remembering after blank-slating

By now you are probably wondering if he was blank-slated, how did he remember his SSP days? He went to the eye doctor, with a detached retina, and the doctor said, “You have astronaut’s eyes! You are far too young to have this problem.” After the surgery to correct it, the nurse relayed to him later that he was really talkative when he was coming out of anesthesia. “What did I say?” he wondered.  She said, “Well all this work you were doing off-planet, and what you were doing in this special program you were in.” This was the beginning of the memory spillout.

The mind meld

Corey has also spoken of his experiences with the mind meld he had with Karee, the member of the Inner Earth beings he has been working with the Anshar. These individuals are highly evolved and able to share consciousness with each other. It is usually done with someone of the same capabilities. In this case, Karee had a desire to experience some information about her own planetary origins that Corey Good had visited during his years in the SSP. This is where it gets interesting.

I “understood” when he explained this experience that they moved their consciousness to a few inches outside of their hands. Now, I’ll use my explanation to help you understand this. Imagine that your consciousness is a liquid that you pour into your body from the top down. Your normal expression is with all of your cells filled with this liquid consciousness. It fills every cell of your body. During this “mind meld” you allow this energy to get congealed, then it gets tighter and smaller. It then moves through the arms, continuing to move into the palms of your hands. There it moves to a few inches beyond your outstretched hands. In the same physical space, your mind-meld partner is facing you and has extended their liquid consciousness, following the same pattern.

Each partner’s pair of hands is about four inches from the other partner, allowing their consciousnesses to occupy the same space. Then the two consciousnesses start to swirl together. (If you are familiar with my Quantum Matrix Healing technique, you know that I instruct the energies to move a few inches off the body in order to modify them.) We know consciousness can be a few inches away from your body without any adverse effects.


Corey goes on to explain that during the “swirling together” he experienced memories of hers and she experienced his. Karee was able to experience places that were part of her ancestral home now controlled by alien forces that were off limits. This was important for her to have these experiences, even though she knew she would be criticized for doing this. Finally, she informed him that from this point forward, he would always be connected to her and she to him.

The Conference Shift

Fast forward, to the in-person, live event in August 2016, where he is answering questions. He’s sitting on a stage in the front of the room, with a moderator reading the questions and I’m sitting directly in front of him about 4 rows back. My question came up, “What was the point of the age reversal, or age regression?” that was part of the SSP program? His answer was that it related to contracts that were signed, and also a moral issue because it was far more likely that you’d get full cooperation from someone who would “get their life back.” I personally believe age regression improved control and effectiveness of blank slating because you wouldn’t have to account for your age or missing time.

Phasing to a new timeline

While he was explaining his own origins, I saw him shift, like one would do when you get a sudden “aha!” Immediately, almost simultaneously, I saw an energy shift, a rollout like a tsunami move through the room, from the corner stage he was sitting on, to the rest of the room. It was visceral to me. I could see it, and feel it. If it would have been water, everyone would have moved with it! As I observed it, I realized that no one else noticed! I was so impacted by it, I wondered why no one else (except maybe Corey) seemed to notice it! It occurred as he announced something he’d never shared before!

Another timeline shift

More recently, I was in the Akashic Records with a client and my Chinese translator in Taiwan. I build an energetic bridge with the translator, allowing her to connect with me as I receive information – to improve translation between us. It is very effective, and she can feel my energy in real time. During this session, the client was stuck in a belief system that limited her and was actually making her emotionally miserable.

The Record Keepers told her, through me, that she did not need to accept that version of the reality, and in fact, showed her the version of reality that was much more pleasing to her and would release her from that limiting belief.  She had that “aha” moment, allowing and considering it, and then let go of the old view and instantly owned the new version.

At that moment I actually saw the room move! It literally swayed and shifted, like a wave had moved through it. At the time, I presumed it was an earthquake! After all, we were in Taiwan, and I was on the 16th floor! I looked at my translator, and she nodded. She had observed it also. When we checked online to see the news, there was no earthquake!!! Later, while in the Akashic Records for myself I asked what we had observed. It was a dimensional shift that my client experienced when she moved from one timeline to another.

I believe this is what happened that day in August with Corey Goode. He was explaining his origins and I saw him pull back his energy ever so slightly, and then he relaxed, and announced he was from the Blue Sphere Alliance! I believe he literally felt guided to tell this, as he connected in some way to his “swirl mate, Karee” and by announcing it, owned it. This is when the energetic tsunami occurred. I believe, at that moment, going public with that information changed the reality sufficiently for him to move into a higher expression, dimensionally.

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