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Creating Your Own Heaven on Earth

Creating Heaven on Earth is not an impossible task, it only takes a connection to one’s Higher Self which is a connection to the Divine. This month we are going to explore the Concept of Heaven on Earth, how we can make this connection and how to move forward in our lives, to enjoy every day in heaven.

Connecting to the Divine, our source of all life, is simple once one understands how to make this connection. So many of us came from “traditional backgrounds” which threatened that if we are not good girls or boys we wouldn’t go to heaven. How absurd, Heaven is right here, the life you are leading now but the key is the connection to the Divine. Through this divine connection, we will ascend from being in a 3D awareness to a new 5D awareness.

What is 5D: The fifth dimension is a higher vibrational realm than our normal 3D reality. When we connect to our Higher Self and raise our awareness and vibration, our experience of life shifts.” In 5D you can even change reality as it stands. One of the most important tools you can use is my personal request of the universe,” Maureen St. Germain explains in her book, Waking Up in 5D; “I am asking for a day of Heaven on Earth. When you make this invocation, you change the reality. How: You have given yourself and anyone you meet the energy imprint of 5D, Heaven on Earth.” * Can it really be that simple? Yes! Prayers and invocations can create miracles! Try it for yourself and see! Remind yourself throughout each day to connect with your Higher Self, to keep your awareness in tune with your vision of the heaven you wish to create.

Along with this simple prayer, guided mediations using either the Golden Bowl or Golden Time are the perfect enhancements to your Heaven on Earth state of mind. Both meditations are easily followed and have been used by thousands of people to attain a higher vibrational state of being. Both meditations are found on

If you would like to move into a deeper connection with your Higher Self, you may enjoy learning the MerKaBa 17 Breath Meditation, which Maureen St. Germain offers in video formation on her website. Daily use of the MeKaBah Meditation keeps one in a 5D state of awareness. Every day will be Heaven on Earth and a move towards global peace and enlightenment if only we connect to our Higher Selves and our 5D reality.


*Waking Up in 5D page 67

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