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Curiosity and Joy – Keys to the Fifth Dimension

Let curiosity bring joy into your life. When you have true curiosity, you have joy. When you have curiosity, you are not in judgement. When something happens that you do not understand, are you quick to label it? Or do you wonder what’s going on?

Ask yourself, what is the most important thing (to accomplish) on your mind right now? I’m going to teach you how to achieve it or resolve it. You’ll have to work with me on this and you’ll want to do more than just read this article for entertainment. Although, that will also work, since I’ll be sharing a good part of my story along the way.

Do you know what your life mission is? I know mine. I didn’t always know. I wanted to be of service to others, and I wanted to make a difference. If you are still reading this, it might be the same for you.

In 1994, I was traveling with a group of people on a familiarization tour. This is a trip where you look at a hotel property with the idea of convincing your group to choose that hotel for a convention. It’s common in the tourism industry for meeting planners and travel agents to take these “fam” trips. I was a non-profit administrator with a substantial annual meeting that liked to go to resort type places.

I was invited to go on a fam trip – and that’s a manifestation story I’ll share later in this article, but FIRST, I want you to know, this need to know my mission was literally uppermost on my mind.

I was the proud mom of four sons, all in their teens, the youngest being 11. My 25-year marriage had ended a year earlier, and I was working at a new job that I loved. The invitation to go someplace nice, like Acapulco, was super inviting, especially because the price was right! (Free.)

On the trip, one evening the activity included dinner, and then on to a local night club for some dancing. Suddenly I didn’t feel well at dinner, but still really wanted to go to the club to dance the Macarena. Hoping to feel better, I excused myself from dinner with the promise to return in time to go to the club if I improved.

My host told me later, “When you left the room, it’s as if the “lights” went out. You hold so much joy and light, that we all had a good time while you were there. Yet once you left, dinner seemed flat. In that moment, I realized that I had been given a huge gift. This was the answer to my seeking! I was to bring joy to others – with my curiosity about them, with my wisdom, wit and light!

As the years passed, I held my mission in my heart, no matter where I was, or who I was with. Wherever I went, if I felt out of place or didn’t know anyone, I made it my mission to reach out – and be curious. I realized my curiosity could be contagious. I could light up the room with my love, smile, friendly questions and joy. I realized quickly that people hungered for what I was serving, and that I could “do my mission” anywhere. I realized that my desire to serve was being honed into a skill to show each person I met that they were loveable!

Along the way, I wasn’t always perfect. I did my best as a mom and learned that that being a mom called for some pretty quick thinking! When my super smart, bored, third son failed Algebra II for the third time in summer school, and after fall classes had begun. I asked him if he was in the programming class he wanted to be in? “Yes,” was his response. I said, “Well, that means the paperwork hasn’t caught up with you yet. But it will. You will get called into the guidance office and they will tell you that you have to drop that class because you’ve not qualified for it.”

He had missed one day the last week of summer school, and they had apparently drilled into their heads that if you missed a day, not to bother coming back! When I realized that he hadn’t gone the 2nd day of the last week after attending four-hour classes for five weeks, I was quite alarmed, but he just shrugged his shoulders. I knew he could handle the subject matter but he didn’t do the homework and that’s why he kept failing. So I asked him, now that he’d been in the programming class for a few days, how he was doing in it, and if the teacher liked him. He responded, “The teacher loves me, and it’s going great!”

“Well, when you get called into the guidance office, let the guidance officer explain to you that you don’t qualify for the computer programming class because you didn’t earn the pre-requisite.” You say, “OK, if I can get the programming teacher to sign a waiver to let me in, will you allow me to be in the class?” The guidance officer will agree to this because he cannot imagine anyone failing Algebra II three times could possibly get an exception from the programming teacher.

Then take this information to your programing teacher, asking him to write a waiver for you. My son reported to me afterwards that the programming teacher said to him, “Are you kidding? You are the best student I’ve ever had. There’s no way you are NOT going to be in my class!”

So, what are you good at that you don’t feel qualified for? What “certificate” or training do you lack that you wish you had? What do others tell you that you are good at? What are you waiting for? Many people say that the reason Dolores Cannon was so successful is that she lacked a lot of education – and that actually made her more curious and open to the huge body of knowledge that came through her.

In that same era. I complained to my sister about a well-known author that I loved and followed, who had produced an audio guided meditation that was horrible. Her voice was scratchy and even though the content was wonderful, I couldn’t listen to it more than once. In my complaint to my sister I offered, “I could do better than that!” and my dear sister said, “What’s stopping you?”

So now it’s my turn to invite you! I ask you, what’s stopping you from being who you are meant to be? Maybe you don’t think you have a job that is important but consider this. Even if your job only involves family, if you are the one who always pulls the family together, you can start mentoring one of the nieces or nephews to take your place, and to help you. Yours is an important job. Family is the backbone of society, and you make a difference in your family and community. You may be thinking that every woman does this – but that’s not true!

Maybe you are the one who inspires others with a book study group. Maybe you’d like to lead a study group, but don’t know how to get started. The easy way is to start a book study club at the local bookstore or library. Volunteer your services until you are ready to teach a wider audience. When I moved to a new community and didn’t have any “like minded friends” I started a book study group and met and made friends that were with me long after the study group ended.

I recently went to a class reunion. I met with many classmates who I had lost touch with over the years. A few of my closer high school friends took time to look me up and look into what I’m doing now. As my friend who invited me to the reunion said, “Maureen, I don’t think anyone in our class will understand what you do.” When one of the guys, trying to be inclusive talked about “sharing their beliefs, ideas and tolerance,” I smiled and said, “I don’t share anything about what I believe, unless they pay me.”

We both laughed and he realized I wouldn’t be preaching to him or anyone else, and that I was there to enjoy the friendship, and bring light into the room by honoring who they were. It was fun to remember their accomplishments, help them to feel loved and important, and to help them know they were lovable.

What if you approached every interaction with the idea that it was your job to learn about the other person, and to help them feel important? How powerful that would be? I don’t think anyone asked me about my books, or what they were about. One person did ask the name and wrote it down. Nancy, my friend, did buy it, but said it was “really deep.” And that she hadn’t finished it! I just laughed! I’m so happy she bought it!

And I know someone in her world WILL read it. Another one of my close friends (a lawyer) told me he mentioned it at a dinner party and was shocked that his friends “knew all about that kind of stuff.”

Remember, I promised to tell you how I manifested my trip to Acapulco in the first place? Early on in my explorations of the Genie System, I decided to use it to win a contest. The objective was to name a new meeting room (function room) for the Princess Hotel Chain. This public meeting room was being constructed at the Southampton Princess in Bermuda. The new construction was a state-of-the-art facility specifically designed for the many medical meetings that were held there.

The contest was open to members of the association community. My position as CEO of a national professional association made me eligible. A free trip to the hotel was the grand prize. I utilized the techniques in this yet unwritten book. My visual was of me on the beach in front of a beautiful ocean scene. I used a picture I cut out of a magazine with a woman in a beach chair looking out at the ocean. I imagined the hotel behind me was wonderful, and their function room was named the name I had given it. Meditating on it daily at first, the perfect name soon popped into my head, which I then submitted for the contest.

When the winner was announced I was so surprised – it wasn’t me! I couldn’t believe it. I knew my name was the winner. There must be some mistake! I decided not to be upset and forgot about it.

About a year later I was invited on a familiarization tour to Acapulco. The travel agent I was working with told me I had to cover the $100 in taxes, but otherwise the entire trip was free. We would be staying at a first-class hotel. I knew this company well enough to know their offer was legitimate and decided to go on the trip.

Upon arriving at the hotel some months later, I was pleasantly surprised. It was the Acapulco Princess. When I entered my room there was a beautiful brochure on the bed showing their brand-new meeting room. “Wow,” I thought, “this is just like the function room they built last year in Bermuda. They must have used the same architectural blueprint.”

I wondered what they had named it. You guessed it. It was the name I had submitted, the one that “didn’t win” the naming contest for the Southampton Princess! Here I was, soon to be sitting on the beach, in the hotel that had a meeting room with the name I had submitted for the identical room in Bermuda. And I was a guest of the hotel management! I had received my prize.

Coincidence? Hardly. I had my proof. Here was another manifestation confirming the efficacy of the Genie System. There’s more hidden in this story. I held no anger or judgment at the “mistake” of not using my name for the contest conference room. I simply let it go. To learn more about the Genie System, get the book, Be A Genie.

Portions of this article are reprinted from the book, Be A Genie.

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