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Fear of Fear and Soul Retrieval

Lost Parts

There is a network of fear which is like a hair net around the earth. When we have fear about anything, our fear is like a magnet. We build a thread of our fear, and we connect to the fear grid. That causes our fear to expand—much bigger than what is normal. That’s why so many people have something little trigger them into a big melt-down of fear. It’s because their little fear created a link to the big fear that is around the earth.

Now, that fear grid has been dissolved a bunch of times. One of my earlier groups did a lot of grid work to clear it. We actually dissolved that fear grid. But it still wants to come back a little bit. It’s a little bit like a habit that humans have. When we get rid of an addiction, for example, there’s still the habit that underlies that addiction. So, clearing the addiction might be handled, sometimes hard, sometimes easy, but clearing the habit is a lot harder. We’re creatures of habit. That habit looks for the grid that used to be there, and feeds its growth.

When we have any kind of fear, it causes us to go into that grid. The grid looks like a shadow to me. It almost looks like an unstable internet connection. You know when you’re watching a video, it blinks out and then comes back in? It’s a little bit like that. It’s not stable. That means it could go away again, which would be great—if we didn’t have so much fear. Fear has tended to rule humanity.

We’ve all been told lies about what to be afraid of, “Wait till your father comes home…” used to be a popular phrase, when fathers worked away from home. Some have been told lies by people they trusted, and the resulting betrayal makes one feel like they should be afraid of similar situations!

Think of the fear we’ve had to live with these past two years. Many times people don’t know what they are afraid of, but they feel the fear. If you are dealing with unresolved fear, or unknown fear you might try our essential oil blend, “Voyage,” to release the fear. We like to say it helps with “letting go of fear, stepping into your power by letting go of limiting beliefs and moving to new ground.” Used with the Vibranz Intention disc makes the clearing more powerful.

What trauma do you keep hidden, in the hopes no one discovers it? It might even be that you can’t think of anything that you fear right now. If that occurs, you simply say, “Whatever I don’t know that I don’t know . . . ” Maybe there’s a little speck of something within you. If not, then just expand the light to absorb the darkness of those around you, whatever it is. Allow that to be okay, and love it anyway.

When you have a trauma of any kind, you may break off a part of your soul, to move forward. That lost part will be left behind in the time and space where it occurred. This is important to understand, because your Soul is still looking for that lost part, and will substitute the “energy of fear” that can be broadcast over the airwaves such as cell phone towers, tv antennae’s, and radio waves. When you become more fully connected with who you really are, you are stronger, more able to be in integrity, more able to resist falling into the abyss of difficult emotions, and are able to process your traumas and dramas.

Soul retrieval is very useful for reclaiming lost parts of yourself, so you are more fully present. You will be able to use this to bring back lost parts.

Some areas where you may be experiencing this are:

  1. retrieving an emotion that you are very aware that you are holding onto . . . You had a trauma, or big emotional wound;
  2. a car accident;
  3. someone important passed away unexpectedly;
  4. a job loss—or business partnership breaking up or failing;
  5. something not so challenging in the physical, but it may be a big emotional hit;
  6. clean-up work. That is anything that I haven’t addressed.

For example, when someone dies, it’s a big hit, physically and emotionally. And if you really loved that person, you very likely broke off a piece of yourself to cope. If someone really close to you passed away, you might have an energetic attachment. If it’s a relative—like a grandma or an aunt to whom you were close, someone like that—it might hit you hard that she is gone.

When you get the instructions for the soul retrieval, make sure you follow the instructions carefully. Then ask your Higher Self: do I want to do a general soul retrieval, or do I need to do a specific one, based on a specific event? I believe that the specific ones are the most important. They are the ones that hold the biggest missing pieces. That’s why you can notice how upset you were.

For the middle-of-the-road kind of events, which you know happened, but which don’t
carry a big charge, you could find yourself clearing those as well. Finally, you might actually do what I call clean-up work.

Here’s some feedback from a medical doctor who reported on this work.

I wanted to report that I did the soul-retrieval exercise and had some great
cognitions, just from studying the material and going through the instructions and
explanations for the exercise. In fact, the best part for me was actually getting in
touch with my higher self and guides, and going out to retrieve these pieces of
myself that were out there, following several episodes of great fear/upset. The
harder part was going after the pieces and retrieving them into my field overnight.
Most interesting: I noticed that many of these errant pieces were from other
lives—past and simultaneous—in which I had undergone similar types of great
fear and upset. Not only had I split off pieces of myself, but in each of these
pieces, part of the whole . . . I’m capable of recreating the whole event and time
line. It becomes a vast subject.

This Month’s Featured Audio is:

Unify! A Soul Retrieval Meditation

Unify! is a series of guided meditations to guide you through retrieving and remembering all of your lost parts. Now is the time to put yourself all back together! This meditation contains Soul Retrieval Introduction, Soul Integration Ceremony, Unity Breath and Soul Retrieval Meditation.
Why is it important to “get back together?” When you Unify you, it becomes possible to accomplish more, to meditate better, to achieve spiritual goals and be yourself more. It is easier to step back and unhook from mass consciousness programming and be your authentic self. Everything’s better when you Unify!
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