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From Weary to Wayshower

Earth Heart Shaped 2

This year, I experienced a big drop in income as many of you may have. All my teaching trips were cancelled. Like a restaurant owner, my revenue was down 90% and options were closed. However, I announced as I have always done, when down and out, “I have a contract with the Universe, and I will show up and do my part, the Universe will do hers.

Many years earlier when I had moved to New York, I couldn’t pay the rent and could not see any way out of the dilemma I was in. Just knowing I had this bill to pay made me anxious, and then I remember asking, “I wonder how that bill will get paid?”  As soon as those words fell out of my mouth, I was calm. Instead of “me” solving it, I let the universe decide how to make sure it got paid! The “I wonder how…” statement creates the solution.

I then called my landlords, (there were two!) one for my office, and one for my apartment. I let them know I would probably be late with the rent. My first call was to my apartment landlord – and now I had to call the landlord of my office space. Michael, the owner, said, “When will you have the money?” I told him, “I don’t know, I have some seminars coming up – and should be able to pay in a few weeks.” And his response blew me away! “Just pay me when you get it.”

From the time I had to face massive financial issues some 30 years ago, (a husband filing bankruptcy while we were still married, and an impending divorce) I started to keep a “contract” with the universe. I would show up – do my job, as a parent, as a worker and I thanked God, every time I got a paycheck. I had decided that my paycheck was coming from Source. I was clear that I had a contract with the universe, I would show up and do my part, the universe would show up and do its part. I reassured myself, “If this job ends, another is on its way.”

What did I do in 2020, this time? In addition to the above, I began to teach online classes for free. I invited individuals to sign up for a “free” session with me. We did many free online classes. I gave over 40 consultations. I showed up. Our automated online business took off! Our internet sales went way up, and I could honestly say, “I’m fine.” Our business is doing just fine!

Now it’s our turn to step up and support Mother Earth. I have had many meditations lately taking me to the inner earth, asking me to pray for the earth and humanity. Now I’m asking you to do the same! You can also add one additional thing to support the earth and her inhabitants. It can be anything like supporting the plastic cleanup being done by 4ocean, and for sure praying daily for Mother Earth.

Mother Earth… is going to help carry us through the giant wake-up call we are getting, but WE need to help mother earth do this!  Yes, that’s what I said, Mother Earth will carry us through to the transition! There are many helpers who are residents of the inner earth. There are various groups of inner earth beings, all are seeking to get us involved in the resolution of despair, the resolution of anguish, the resolution of anger.

We have tools we can use, but we need to be strong. A good friend and member of my inner circle called me last week and said she was alternating between, feeling good about her impending move and big fear that “it could all be taken away from her.” She could feel it. It was palpable, and real. This is one person who has many gifts, has developed her talents and is powerful. I said to her, “Well, what if all this difficult emotion is not yours? Sure, maybe a bit of it is yours, but you are probably pulling in the anxiousness off the planet into your field, and are being given a chance to transmute it. You know how. She was in awe, and so relieved. Perhaps you too are experiencing big emotion of fear, sadness, will they take that away – energy. Remember that those who would have us fail want us to be afraid, it gives them loosh (see blog from November 2017 on loosh) and it leaves you feeling powerless.

Now it’s our turn to assist Mother Earth and humanity. We can join OTHERS in our meditations by channeling the highest frequency through our bodies, and allowing it to settle into the earth. We are the Light Beings who have the God Spark in us. We will succeed and improve life for ourselves and our loved ones. Choosing to give a helping hand will help you step into your power and make a huge difference, much like donating to a charity – whose work is helping the earth, and or whose job it is to find those in need the most so your donations go to those most needy.

Channeled by Mother Earth, through Maureen St. Germain:
All of humanity has awaited the changes that are coming. Do not concern yourself with those who do not know what is happening. Those who appear to not know, do know. They are not part of the midwife team, however, be assured that everyone is well informed as to the changes that are coming. It will be much easier than predicted, because so many people have made countless sacrifices to insure this day of reckoning, and this day of victory would be here. What can you do to help? Learn what you can to live life more authentically, and to live your life with more love towards every one. The new Earth has emerged, the conscious memories will shift and change, so much so, that many will not even remember the “old earth.”  Mother Earth would like for each person who can be aware to seek only harmony, to present themselves in harmonious ways. To get out of their own way, to ask the angelic realm to assist them in avoiding (and transmuting) the heavy emotions of anger, justified anger, retaliation, rage and to mitigate their presence in their emotional field.

Finally, I encourage you to check out all the emotional healing tools that I have made available for you on my website that can help you heal from your emotional wounds, and help you adjust through difficult emotions. These tools include the Intentions Disk from Vibranz, used with the Orion Series Essential Oil Blends – formerly known as AroMandalas. Time is of the essence. Make this a priority.


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