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A Nation of Inspiration!!

goddess of liberty

Dear Friends and Family,

The Nation of Inspiration meditation is an opportunity to join the prayers for Americans, all Americans. We all need to be keeping our hearts open, and our spirits high – so please share this meditation with your friends and family. There is strength in numbers!

We recently recorded the Nation of Inspiration meditation during a live Zoom event. We had over 1300 people participate in this amazing meditation! As a group, we funded the reality with abundance, faith, fortitude, wisdom and love – producing a vision of the future for a Nation of Inspiration, and at the same time, assisting each other in achieving their vision for life, liberty and justice.

I have since been given additional information that you can use as you continue to do the Nation of Inspiration meditation.

Please incorporate the following into the existing meditation: 

– Ask the Goddess of Liberty to anchor the energy into the stature first.  There is an energetic “cube” inside the Statue of Liberty, which you will activate.

– Then ask for the flame of illumination to ignite the “flame” of the statue. Connect with the flame, and take it back to your heart chakra.

– Allow the flame of illumination to burn throughout your body. This fire helps to release all of your limitations and shackles in your consciousness, and enables you to liberate and awaken your free consciousness.

– Expand this flame of illumination energy to cover the earth, and ask the Goddess of Liberty to strengthen the energy matrix in the US.

– Multiply it by each of the statues (and any more that you know about.)

And remember “Once is not enough.” The Goddess of Liberty is imploring us to do this meditation again and again – multiple times a week!!

The meditation is 40 minutes, so if you’ve done it once, then you may want to jump to the 20 minute mark, and skip all the explanations!!!

Thanks for your continued efforts to pray for our highest and best solution without bias.

Love, Your Friend,
The Practical Mystic

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