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Gridwork with the Hathors

Money. Everyone likes to talk about it and read about it. We love hearing about other people’s money and what they do with it! Money is a form of energy. When our energy matches money we don’t need to chase it; naturally we bring more of it to us! How do we do this? One way is through our awareness of the energy we attract to ourselves and the places we live and work.

At a workshop one morning I asked the participants about their reasons to attend my seminar. Imagine my shock and surprise when one participant told me that he was waking up at night — channeling the Hathors and they told him and his wife to come and purchase everything I had! He never remembered what was said, but she taped and transcribed all the messages coming through. My first thought was, I’ve been paying for keywords. I should have been asking the Hathors for help!

When we align ourselves with certain energy, that energy impacts everything else. Inviting the Hathors in to align your energy with abundance and love brings more of it to you. Once you get the hang of this it will be so much fun, to bring in more energy for yourselves by helping the planet! By now you may be wondering who the Hathors are. The Hathors are beings of unconditional love from the planet Venus. Hathors were visible to some of the artists in ancient Egypt. This is why you see their beautiful faces in the columns and temples of ancient Egypt. They were invited by the great being known as Sanat Kumara, to assist Earth’s evolution during a much darker time.


Hathors, or Hator as they may be referred to in Egypt, hold the highest vibration for unconditional love in this solar system. They have helped humans to re-energize Earth grids and support human evolution to higher consciousness. Grids are a network of energy that hold our patterns or archetypes. These archetypes dictate typical behavior until Higher Consciousness moves in. Planetary grids are due for a “clean up” of major proportions. Everyone has the capacity to send love and light. This capacity is expanded and fed to us by the Great Central Sun. When we enliven grids with our free will loving energy that we bring from our heart, we are healing the Grids, the planet and ourselves!!! This is an amazing time — to be on the Earth — participating in the creation of Heaven on Earth!

The 3D pyramids around the Earth shoot energy outward and connect to a grid that surrounds the earth. Beings that have harnessed humans’ lowest polarity emotional energy have used this “inner grid” for containing humans’ behaviors and creating a network that encourages the average person to be locked into the lower vibrational energies. It was nearly impossible to disrupt. Until recently this information has been held in secret.

Many individuals are involved in planetary gridwork. You may join them. When you hold ceremony (preferably outside) you bring more light and love (i.e. abundance) into your world. If holding your ceremony or meditation outside is not possible — then you may hold your ceremony indoors, with an out-of-doors location clearly in your mental awareness. A large infusion of individuals working in groups were called to begin gridwork around 2008. Now, almost ten years later it’s time to use this information and the free meditation provided below to assist in your own growth and planetary transformation.

Back then, a group of like-minded individuals connected with me to create a Bridge of Light to serve multiple purposes for planetary humans. This Bridge of Light, between the Earth and the planet Venus created a transport grid that allows for instantaneous energy movement in both directions. The Bridge of Light is also a tunnel, converting energy of third dimension into fifth dimensional energy. Connecting with it allows you to become fifth dimensional merging your energies with the Hathors. I’ve also been told that the Bridge could be used as an emergency escape for excessive heat from Earth. Venus can handle the higher temperature even though Earth and humans cannot.

The Bridge allows energy that is “called forth” from the Hathors to contribute to planetary evolution of humans and to assist human kind in its transformation into higher frequencies of love and light. In addition, your “love and appreciation” of the inter-planetary supporters will support the evolution of all of life. Free will is an important component to that process. The Bridge of Light successfully prevented darkness from expanding on the Earth. When tapped into it breaks up those harmful grid patterns and prevents them from completing their circuit.

It’s time to re-activate and connect with all the grids of the earth and especially The Bridge of Light. You may envision a network of sacred geometry, of latitude and longitude lines and other geometries around the Earth that may need an infusion of unconditional love. Use your connection to the Bridge of Light (and to the Great Central Sun) to infuse all the other grids with light. Many who have used the Bridge of Light have even experienced a surge of loving energy as you work with it.

In addition, the Bridge of Light also encourages the evolution of humanity, creating a newer vibrational field that supports human love and light, because the Hathors and humans can work together mutually infusing love energy into the Earth.

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Article from The Echo World July issue 2017 Vol 21, no 7

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